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Accident during car Transportation

How to Reduce The Number Of Accidents In Car Transportation

by Dr Prem Community Writer

When on the road, every driver, pedestrian, cyclist, or motorist should contribute to a safer environment for everyone. Despite vehicles being fitted with state-of-the-art safety devices and software nowadays, the human factor remains the most prevailing one in preventing accidents.

Commercial transportation, although it uses professional drivers and sophisticated safety measures and protocols, is not free from accident risks. In 2018, statistics by the IIHS show that 11% of all car accidents involve large trucks, so it’s definitely a concerning matter.

When it comes to car transportation, ensuring the safety of the client, the driver and other participants in traffic is adamant. Here are some tips on how to keep accident risks at a minimum during the car transportation.

1. Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

Don’t Overload

If your vehicle will be transported via trailer, it has to comply with weight and dimension standards. In fact, transporters are checked thoroughly by authorities to ensure they comply with the regulations. If a vehicle is weighed down by extra items, it can put the trailer’s driver and other people in danger by increasing the risks of accidents.

Some auto carriers will allow you to load the vehicle up to the window line, as it doesn’t overload the vehicle and reduces the risk of theft. Be sure to comply with their standards, keep valuables out of the car, and provide documents for the items, if necessary.

2. Keep the Auto Transport Company Informed of Any Issues

If your vehicle has any technical problem, you should let the carrier know about it, as some issues can compromise safety. Some of the main safety measures when preparing your vehicle for transport include emptying it of any fuel or other fluid, shutting down the electrical system completely, and removing any loose items.

3. Keep a Safe Distance When Your Car Is Being Loaded

Keep a Safe Distance

When the car is being towed onto the trailer or inside an enclosed container (read more), you might be tempted to check if everything goes well. Keep a safe distance from the trailer and the vehicle during this operation, as you wouldn’t want to be close by in case the unexpected happens. The same caution should be used during the unloading.

4. Observe Your Driver’s Condition

While this is highly unlikely to happen, having a tired driver or one under the influence can seriously compromise the safety of the transportation. Try noticing the condition of your driver and check with their managers if you doubt that they are able to drive safely. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to car accidents. 

Over to You

If you need car transport, be sure to only hire certified companies that offer insurance for your vehicle, maintain communication during the transport, and don’t compromise when it comes to safety protocols.

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