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Find the Best Motorcycle Helmets

A Guide to Find the Best Motorcycle Helmets

by Dr Prem Community Writer

A motorcycle helmet is more than just a style statement; it is your one link to surviving any potential damage from an accident. Your helmet will be your bike’s companion, so you must buy one that lasts long.

The right helmet will keep you comfortable and safe in the most extreme conditions, and the wrong one will make you feel miserable even on a short ride. This is why buying a helmet needs to be a carefully calculated decision.

But with all the available options, how are you supposed to know which one to buy? It would be best if you kept an eye out for a few essential factors, and they can help you considerably narrow down your search. Let’s look at some factors you should keep in mind to help you buy the best motorcycle helmets.


woman indicating perfect Helmet

The first thing you should know before you start searching for a helmet is its usage. Will you be using it for long rides, for the daily commute, or short trips? Are you a cruiser, or are you a racer? Determine the use you want to get out of the helmet so you can categorize your options before you choose.

Shape and Size

A common way to check if a helmet is right for you is by trying it on. If it is too loose, then it’s not right for you. Conversely, if the helmet is too tight, it will pressure all the wrong points. Ideally, the best helmet is one that feels comfortable while worn but pulls your skin and scalp slightly while being taken off.


Biker in helmet

The worst that could happen in an accident is if your helmet were to roll off at the time of impact. When you put the helmet on, fasten the strap on the chin and pull the helmet from behind. If it feels loose despite you tightening the strap, then it’s not the safest helmet for you.


As mentioned earlier, if your helmet puts pressure on all the wrong points on your head, then you will be extremely uncomfortable both during and after the ride. Look for helmets that have cushioning in all the right places. Some helmets will have a cushion that keeps you comfortable and can protect you from damage in the event of a collision.


clear visor is a key to a safe and enjoyable ride

A clear visor is a key to a safe and enjoyable ride. Some visors have a thick film that prevents sunlight from penetrating them. While these visors may feel like a good option, they can cause problems in the dark by limiting your vision and dimming far away objects. Look for visors that offer you a clean line of sight with transparency and anti-glare coating.


As mentioned earlier, safety is the primary objective of any motorcycle helmet you purchase. There are many certifications, both governmental and club-based, that attest to the safety of a helmet. Make sure the helmet you buy is checked for safety and quality and has the desirable safety ratings.

The best motorcycle helmets don’t come cheap, but price should not be a safety factor. Consider all the features given above before making a decision.

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