5 Superbly Innovative Features Now Common in Modern Cars

AR Dashboards

Remember when you were growing up being told one day we’d all have flying cars that drove themselves? Ok, so we’re not quite living in the Jetsons, but here are five features you’ll find in modern cars that are straight out of science fiction. And if you long for a car that’s a bit more futuristic and a bit less museum relic, there are a host of competitions at Dream Car Giveaways that could ensure you’re ahead of the curve. In the meantime, though, take a look at these innovative, state of the art components that could be a feature in your next car.

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1. AR Dashboards

If you fancy a driving experience that just screams Minority Report, AR dashboards will make you feel like you’ve landed straight into a sci-fi blockbuster. Using a series of mirrors and projectors, images are displayed for the driver to see on the windscreen as an overlay on the road, eliminating the need to look down and reducing distractions. BMW have already launched this technology with their Head Up Display system and so it is likely to soon filter into other manufacturers’ models soon too.

2. Surround View Cameras

A few years back, rear view parking cameras in cars were cutting edge, allowing parallel parking woes to be a thing of the past. However, time has moved on and now several cars feature 360o camera technology that digitally creates a bird’s eye view of your car. With at least four cameras on board, you’ll never need to stress about squeezing into a tight spot again.

3. Voice recognition and responses

With so many of us relying on voice recognition devices in our homes these days, it’s a natural move to incorporate them into our cars too. The sophistication of these systems is always increasing, too. Where you once could only use it to call people hands-free, now you have the potential to ask your system to recommend a good coffee shop in the area, navigate to your next destination, or play your favourite playlist.

4. Biometric Ignition Switches

Just like the majority of smartphones now, cars are coming equipped with biometric unlocking systems and ignition switches that respond to the registered fingerprints of the driver. It seems likely that manufacturers will soon do away with a physical key that needs to be inserted into the transmission altogether. And if you’re constantly losing your keys, this is one innovation you’ll be keen to take advantage of.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

Using radar technology, cruise control is now next level. Through your onboard systems, the car itself monitors and maintains the distance between you and the car in front, making for much more relaxed motorway driving and peace of mind on the most boring journeys.

So our commute isn’t going to quite look like the traffic in The Fifth Element quite yet, but by taking advantage of some of these futuristic features you can ensure a comfier, safer and, dare we say it, cooler drive while we wait for cars to drive themselves.

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