4 Best Body Kits for Golf GTI MK7

Best Body Kits for Golf GTI MK7

So, you’ve managed to buy your dream car, a Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7, and want to bring things up a notch via the addition of a body kit. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the number of kits available for your car, in this article we take a look at four of the best body kits on the market, suitable for your Golf GTI MK7.

1. Maxton Kit

If ‘pure style’ is your thing, the Maxton Golf GTI MK7 body kit is definitely a kit for your consideration. Manufactured using ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in Europe and famous for top quality construction, the Maxton Golf GTI MK7 body kit increases road grip and improves stability, as well as offering incredible aesthetics.

With the addition of this sensational and stylish kit, your car will appear lower and even smoother, thanks to the front splitter and side skirts. The Maxton Golf GTI MK7 kit consists of the following items:

-Front Splitter

-Side Skirts

-Rear Diffuser

-Rear Side Splitters

-Spoiler Cap

2. APEC PPV400 Kit

If a bold and intrepid look is what you’re chasing, take into consideration the ASPEC PPV400 Golf GTI MK7 kit.

This kit offers improved stability at significant speeds, thanks to the combination of side skirts and rear wing pieces. Heat emissions and cooling effectiveness are also improved, thanks to hood vents on both sides of your engine.

If this aerodynamic kit sounds like the one for you, you can look forward to adding the following APEC PPV400 Golf GTI MK7 kit components to your car:



-Front Bumper

-Side Skirts

-Mirror Shells

-Rear Bumper

-Rear Wing

3. Rocket Bunny Kit

If you’re after a super high-quality kit, you must consider the addition of the Rocket Bunny Golf GTI MK7 kit to your car. Unlike many other kits which are mass produced, this incredible kit is manufactured using superior quality FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) materials and sheer precision (strict protocols regarding curing times means distortion of parts does not occur). It’s no wonder the amazing Rocket Bunny GTI MK7 kit (produced in Japan) is loved by all sorts of car fans, from car enthusiasts and show winners, to installers and racers, all over the world.

This fine quality Rocket Bunny Golf GTI MK7 kit consists of the following pieces:

-Front Lip Spoiler

-Front Lip Bracket Bar

-Front Fenders

-Rear Spoiler

-Rear Fenders

With some modifications to the kit’s rear fenders, this kit can also be added to the 3-door model.

4. R400 Kit

If you loved the look and feel of the audacious Golf R400 concept car featured at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, be sure to consider adding the sporty and aggressive ECU Tuning R400 Golf GTI MK7 body kit. Famous for its incredible flexibility and durability, this kit is produced from high quality polyurethane and is sure to draw stares thanks to an improvement in both your car’s look and dynamics. Before going ahead and painting the primed (grey) kit, a test fit is encouraged.

The beasty R400 Golf GTI MK7 body kit includes the following components:

-Front Bumper (including headlight washer caps)

-Front Lip Spoiler

-Side Skirts (removal of existing side skirts is required)

-Rear Bumper (including reflectors)

-All necessary hardware

With the R400 Golf GTI MK7 body kit, it’s good to keep in mind that the front bumper component is not compatible with cars with custom fog lights. Additionally, the rear bumper piece includes holes (which can be filled) designed to fit rear Park Distance Control sensors. Modifications shall also be required with regards to centrally located exhaust exits.

With the addition of one of the above amazing body kits, you can take your Golf GTI MK7 from run-of-the-mill to mind-blowing in next to no time at all!

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