3 Reasons Why You Should Fly Private

Why You Should Fly Private

Chartering private planes has become a more accessible practice in recent years, thanks to companies like Access Jet who allow those traveling to a variety of destinations to do so privately, and more efficiently. While there are many things to consider when flying via private jet vs first class commercially, choosing the former can create a smoother travel experience and thus a more productive and enjoyable trip overall.

1. You Save Time

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Even if you are in a position to travel in first class, travelers are still required to go through time-consuming airport procedures such as security checks, complicated boarding processes, and a wait to claim your bags upon arrival at your destination. Chartering a private jet can minimize the amount of time spent waiting around at an airport. Without waiting in long lines, going through security, and risking lengthy layovers or last-minute delays, the process of flying can be much quicker and less frustrating. Flying privately also allows you to fly on your own schedule, as you are able to choose the time of departure. Chartering a flight for yourself or a small group gives you the luxury of arriving at your destination with little to no hassle.

2. Comfort

Although flying privately can be costly, it might be worth it for travelers who are able to splurge and want a more personalized experience in the air. Private jets include amenities that are not available on commercial flights, like the ability for travelers to choose in-air meals, beverages, and entertainment. Private jets have a variety of furniture options, for those looking to get comfortable or even sleep on their flight, and the limited number of people can make it easier to move around the jet.

3. Smooth Travelling

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If you are taking a vacation and have the means to charter a private jet, this could allow for a smoother traveling process for you and your entire party. Trying to keep your group of family and friends together and in good spirits at a crowded airport, even if you have a well-planned, first-class trip ahead of you. Flying privately can alleviate this stress, and can allow for more fun onboard the plane.

If you are flying for business, chartering a private jet is the perfect way to conduct business on board the flight, maximizing your efficiency and productivity in the air.

While private flights can be costly, they are more accessible than ever. To travelers willing to splurge, it could be worth it.

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