Top Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle Dealer Who Serves the South UK

Top Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle Dealer Who Serves the South UK

Need to get in touch with the top wheelchair-accessible vehicle dealer who serves the South UK? You will find several dealers in mobility cars around the UK and you surely want to find one that has top brands on offer and the right WAV to serve your needs. But before you go looking for a WAV dealer, you want to have an idea of the available options of wheelchair-accessible vehicles and the right one for you. You will find here more on how to shop for wheelchair-accessible vehicles in the South UK.

Who Needs Wheelchair-accessible Vehicles?

Certainly, not everyone requires the use of mobility aid, and a wheelchair-accessible vehicle could be the right option for you if you require mobility assistance that allows you to ride in a car. Using a wheelchair hasn’t stopped people from going about their normal lives and this includes driving a car, or truck, or participating in competitive sports. It doesn’t matter why you use a wheelchair. A birth deformity may have you in need of assistance with getting around. And a wheelchair allows you to move around with the help of someone or by yourself.

Older adults who may be battling with a form of ailment that affects their movement may also require chairs that provide a means for relaxing or reducing muscle strain from standing up. You can find mobility cars for kids and adults and can also expect to find new and used options available in the market so you can find the right one that matches your budget. You may want to consult with your physician or therapist about the right mobility aid that will help your situation.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle

A quick search for mobility cars and you will find that there are quite a several options to choose from. And this is not looking at the many brands available to choose from but taking into account the fact that you will find that there are different types available. If you do hope to find the right option that will serve your needs, you want to know the different types of WAV and how they differ from one another.

Passenger Assist Options

If you need a WAV that allows you to sit as a passenger in the car while someone else drives, you will be looking to pick from one of the two passenger assist options available on the market. And the right option will depend on the side of the car you want to ride in. The rear passenger WAV allows you to ride at the rear of the car while someone else drives. This will be ideal if you prefer riding in the back away from all the action or distractions that take place in the front seat.

The rear passenger option will require a lift or ramp to be able to get the wheelchair into the car using the side or rear entrance. The upfront passenger assist is the second option available when shopping for passenger options of WAV. The upfront WAV like the name implies allows the passenger to ride in the front seat next to the driver. This will be the best option for you if you need the right mobility aid that allows you to seat in the front seat of a vehicle on any trip. And you can expect to find dealers who specialize in wheelchair accessible vehicle sales for any of your passenger assist WAV needs.

Driver Assist Option

Want a WAV that allows you to drive a car? You can expect that there are options that allow you to do so. And you will specifically be shopping in the driver-assist WAV section either at the used or new mobility cars market. The drive from wheelchair option is the one that you want to opt for if you prefer to drive a car while seated in a wheelchair.

This means that the original driver’s seat that comes in the vehicle will need to be removed to make room for the WAV. They are made to specification and you can expect that they won’t in any way affect your driving. And the good thing is that they are roomy which means that you can also ride at the back of the car and have someone else drive you around. But in this case, you will need to put back the driver’s seat.

The other option available in the driver-assist category is the internal transfer WAV which means that you will need to move from the wheelchair to the driver’s seat when you enter the vehicle. This will be more preferred for you if you don’t require assistance with moving from your wheelchair when close to a driver’s seat. They feature rotation assistance that allows you to move the chair depending on the angle that will be best for you to get into the driver’s seat.

Finding the Best Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle Dealer in South UK

Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle

You may not need to do much work if you ask for recommendations from your therapist or physician who may be able to refer you to a Motability scheme that can provide you with the right mobility cars. But the case with Motability schemes is that you will need to lease the WAV and this may not be the best sustainable option for people who require wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

You could choose to search online for WAV dealers in the UK and check the website results to see what they have on offer. You will need to decide on the right type of WAV for you and ensure that you work with a dealer that stocks quality brands. There are options available for sale in the used and brand new market so there is a good chance that you will find one that falls within your budget. The bottom line is that you work with a dealer who offers quality product options and the best customer service. This link has more on exercise routines that are safe and ideal for wheelchair users.

Final Note

To be able to choose the right wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you want to know the right type that will be ideal for your situation. You can also expect to find top dealers of WAV in the South UK that stocks quality brand new and second-hand options that are worth spending on.

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