6 Vehicle Accessories That Every Driver Should Own

Vehicle Accessories That Every Driver Should Own

Our vehicles are designed to make life easier, and each year technology pushes their capabilities further than ever before. We now have smart and electric cars, and things don’t seem to be slowing down for the industry. That being said, there are still some accessories that you might want to consider adding to your vehicle no matter how advanced it is. The next time you go on a long road trip, catch an appointment for a surgery like the kind at thebunioncure.com, or even just to pick your children up from school, make sure you’ve got the following:

1.  Phone Mount

Mobile phone holder on the car for safety while driving a vehicle

Driving while on your phone is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. Not only does this endanger yourself, but it puts others’ lives at risk as well. This is why every driver should have a phone mount in their vehicle. This isn’t a free pass to play on it just because it is mounted, but it makes answering calls or checking google maps much easier to access without reaching around and looking down at the screen. There are types that clip onto the AC vents, types that fit into certain cupholders, and others that can be mounted directly onto your dash via magnet, stick, or suction.

2.  Frost Guard

How many mornings do you spend scraping frost and ice off your windshield before you can hop in your car and head to work? The answer is too many. With a frost guard, you won’t have to mess with winter ever again! These mounts fit snuggly around your side mirrors and cover the full length of your windshield to block any ice or snow from building up. Then all you have to do is peel it away and you’re ready to ride!

3.  Portable Trash Can

Blank mini car dustbin

If you’re anything like us, you have a bad habit of crumbling gum wrappers, fast-food wrappers, and receipts only to chuck them onto the floor of your vehicle. This can litter your car with the trash that builds up over time and turns your ride into a mess. Having a portable trash can strapped to the back of your seat or on the floorboards can keep your car clean and comfortable.

4.  Cupholder Extender

It’s all too often that we bring a portable coffee mug or order a large drink from the drive-through only to find our cupholder is too small to hold it. By adding a cupholder extender, you’ll double the space that your cupholder offers. You won’t ever have to worry about your Big Gulp not fitting again.

5.  Car Charger

Cropped shot of young woman using smart phone while sitting in car.

Having an emergency car charger is an important accessory that you won’t want to start any long drive without. Not only are they crucial for long road trips, but they can be life-saving if you run into a problem and your phone’s battery is reaching its end.

6.  Ready to Hit the Road

Every driver should own these vehicle accessories for the most convenient ride possible. By equipping your vehicle with these gadgets, you’ll be prepared for just about anything while on the road.

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