5 Gifts for Car Lovers

Gifts for Car Lovers

If you’re not into cars, shopping for a loved one who is could be difficult. Car lovers are more difficult to shop for than those who have other hobbies or interests; for example, for an aspiring chef or good lover, you might gift a Lean Kitchen membership, but you likely can’t easily gift a car lover a car. If you are finding yourself in this predicament ahead of a holiday or loved one’s birthday, don’t panic! Here are 5 gift ideas that the car lover in your life is sure to love.

1.  Car Vacuum

Anyone who loves their car also loves keeping it clean and well cared for. Make your favorite car lover’s life easier with a mini car vacuum that can be easily stored in the vehicle for cleaning on the go. Mini car vacuums often come with different nozzles, attachments, and hoses, making it easy to get into every nook and cranny of a dirty vehicle. 

2.  Gel Seat Cushion

Ergonomic gel seat cushions are the newest tool on the market designed to make driving more comfortable. For those who love their car but don’t love the back pain that comes during a long-haul drive, invest in a gel seat cushion that fits over most car seats and can make even the oldest, most uncomfortable car seats feel brand new. 

3.  Interior Storage Bin

A high-quality storage bin can help you keep the interior of your car clean and clutter-free. Some containers come equipped with disposable plastic bags to collect and easily dispose of garbage. Companies like Drive make high-quality bags that can be hung from a headrest or door handle, to keep the car clean while taking up minimal space. 

4.  Cup Holder Coaster

Help your favorite car lover keep their cupholders clean and moisture free with miniature coasters that fit perfectly into interior cup holders. These cup holders can often be personalized with photos or special designs to add a personal touch to the interior where it is least expected while being strong enough to soak up liquid from condensation or unintended spills.

5.  Radar Detector

A laser radar detector can make drivers safer and more responsible when on the road. These devices can accurately detect laser and radar both in front and behind the user’s vehicle and have the technology to fight off false alerts, which can be distracting. This is the perfect gift for a car lover who values their safety.

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