3 Smartphone Features that Keep Drivers Safe

Smartphone Features that Keep Drivers Safe

For many drivers, smartphones can be considered a distraction that puts them at risk of losing focus on the road ahead and getting into a serious collision that threatens their life or others. While this is true, in 2022, many smartphone owners are taking advantage of new features on their devices that are actually making it easier to stay safe on the road. While police and lawmakers have warned against the use of smartphones in a vehicle at any time to avoid the risk of being distracted altogether, they are now praising these new safety features as having the capability to save a life. Here are 3 safety features that your smartphone has that you should utilize next time you are behind the wheel.

1. Do Not Disturb While Driving

Do Not Disturb feature

While most smartphones have had a “do not disturb” feature for years, it has previously been relatively easy for drivers to disable this setting and use their phone behind the wheel. New phones like the Apple iPhone X have introduced a special feature for users to enable while driving that cannot be disabled quite as easily. Do Not Disturb While Driving detects when your phone is in a moving vehicle and disables notifications and prevents you from easily using apps while you drive. Voice activation like Siri can be used for important features that are necessary to drivers, such as navigation or music. This means you can still get directions to work or listen to your favorite podcast on the go, but you won’t be able to freely browse sites like chimneyrepairdetroitmi.com while you drive.

2. Auto-Reply Messages

One reason that many drivers claim they are unable to go without reading or responding to texts while behind the wheel is because they are dealing with important or time sensitive messages, or are in need of answering loved ones in regards to their whereabouts. Perhaps one of the most helpful smartphone features for drivers is auto-reply messages, which can let your friends or loved ones know that you are driving and are unable to reply to their message once they text you. Plus, when auto-reply messages are enabled, you will not get notifications for texts or calls. This means you will be able to arrive at your destination without any idea of who has been trying to reach you, eliminating the possibility of being distracted.

3. Crash Detection

Driver using GPS navigation in mobile phone while driving car at sunset

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever for your loved ones to be alerted in the event of an emergency or car accident. Insurance or roadside assistance providers have created technology that is utilized within their mobile apps which can sync to your vehicle and detect a collision, then notifying emergency services or loved ones automatically. Simply download your provider’s app on whatever smartphone you have and enable this technology, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands should an emergency ever occur.

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