Cool Movie Motorcycles We’d Love to Take for a Spin

Cool Movie Motorcycles We’d Love to Take for a Spin

After a long week of work, whether that be at a medical clinic like ThriveMD or even a manufacturing company, there’s nothing many of us would rather do than hit the open road on our bikes with nothing but a helmet and the wind at our backs. And while many of us have grown accustomed to our specific rides, there’s no way they come close to being as cool as some of Hollywood’s most iconic rides.

Here are a few cool movie motorcycles we wish we could take for a spin.

1.  Dredd’s Motorcycle

Dredd’s Motorcycle

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If you’re looking for a ride that retains some resemblance to a classic motorcycle, Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster is the perfect bike for you. This armored two-wheeler may come equipped with AI and heavy-duty firepower in the movies, but we’d be happy just to be able to drive it down the road at a. It may look like it could take a barrage of bullets head-on, however, we’re not quite as bold as Dredd, and would be completely fine with simply watching the action on screen.

2.  The Motorcycle from Akira

The Motorcycle from Akira movie

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Cyberpunk and Japanese influence come together in the popular anime film Akira, in which one of the main characters owns—or rather steals—a crazy-looking bike. The sleek red design was created with inspiration from the Tron cycle, albeit with a slightly bulkier and more angular design. If only this bike was actually up for sale, we’d scoop it up in a heartbeat.

3.  The Tron Cycle

The Tron Cycle

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Tron has been around since the 80s, but that doesn’t mean his light cycle is any less cool. The futuristic racer looks like something out of the year 3000. It’s sleek, stylish, and eye-catching, with neon lights that give it a cyberpunk feel. With a little imagination and motorbike prowess, you might be able to rig something up that comes close to replicating this crazy design—just don’t expect it to move as fast as the one in the movie.

4.  The Batpod

The Batpod

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Batman can keep all his high-tech gadgets and ninja skills, just give us a chance to ride the Batpod at least once. If you’re a fan of The Dark Knight, you’ll know how iconic this motorcycle is. It detaches from the Batmobile in spectacular fashion. It comes with plenty of firepower to fight off Gotham’s most dastardly villains, although we wouldn’t recommend zipping between semi-trucks if you ever end up in the driver’s seat.

5.  Ride On

These are some of the coolest motorcycles from our favorite movies. While we may never get the chance to ride them ourselves, we’ll always be able to enjoy them through the magic of movies.

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