20,000 Candies make full size, sweetest Candy Motorbike ever

Cristiam Ramos Candy Motorbike

Out of different motorbikes, this is perhaps the sweetest one I have ever come across. From its make you may take it as a woven bike, however it’s not. The bike is made out of unusual thing, candies and that surely make it a sweet bite for any motorbike buff. Created by Cristiam Ramos from Orlando, Florida, the life size motorcycle takes form out of 20,000 candies.

The idea to create a candy bike is conceived four years ago. The creative marvel on two wheels, the full size candy motorbike is made to the details. Putting one candy on other, thinking of a perfect color scheme by using candies of different colors and making them stand perfectly for a good time is where the creativity really stands and makes this bike really sweeter than one you might have ridden so far. I wish I could ride it, but it’s just a piece of art sans any function whatsoever.

Via: Incrediblethings

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