Photo realistic paintings of classic Mustangs are simply mind blowing


At first glance you will think that they are high-definition photos which are intricately enhanced by Photoshop for increasing the lucidity of the picture. If this is what you are thinking then you have totally failed to realize that they are just excellent hyper-realistic paintings of muscle cars by the famous artist Cheryl Kelly. Based in Texas, Cheryl uses high-gloss oil paints for capturing the beauty of some rare iconic vehicles, which filled the roads of the bygone era. In fact, her handiworks in capturing these beauties are better than the result of the high-resolution cameras that we see today.

Cheryl has always been attracted to the beauty of the classic cars. As a child, she used to get highly fascinated by the delicate curves of the Hot Wheel toy cars with which she used to play. Now, when she is all grown up to own and drive her 1977 Corvette, she has also successfully carved her name in the world of painting with some of her mind-blowing photorealistic portraits of classic muscle cars. This uniquely talented artist says that she frequently visits car museums and classic car shows for inspiration and captures high-resolution photos of classic Camaros, Chevrolets and Corvettes. Her work on aluminum panels with high-gloss oil paints creates a perfect photo-realistic picture of the vehicles in tiniest details and reflections. In fact, her paintings somehow look more real than the photographic references.

According to Cheryl, she is tremendously drawn to the beauty of the numerous reflections that are generated on the clear surface of the beautiful cars and so, she uses her brush strokes to recreate those beauties on her canvas. She says that, her paintings are not made to define the horse power or any other functionality of the cars, but they are only painted to define the feminine sensuality that lies on the surfaces of those vintage cars.

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