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E4U – Hyundai’s single seat egg-shaped, wheel-less car

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Hyundai E4U

Hyundai’s newly launched egg shaped E4U is both innovative and quirky. It seems Hyundai is experimenting with vehicle shapes and technology to change the way we commute completely. People with a knack for the bizarre are bound to love this new automobile. It is assumed that E4U will replace the Segway, which has been considered the best eco-friendly, personal transportation until recently. It is a very modern, urban way of transportation and safe too. Designed to maneuver the city traffic deftly, the speed of E4U is about 18miles per hour.

This unique looking vehicle has its name by combining the four Es – eco-friendly, evolution, electricity and egg. It is definitely a great upgrade from the old-fashioned Segway and very chic looking. For daily commutation, this vehicle is ideal for you, especially if you are concerned about protecting the nature and environment. It is a one-seater car but you can easily change its direction at any point of time. It has been showcased, for the first time, at the Seoul Motor Show.

What are the benefits of buying the E4U?

  • The E4U runs on electricity and doesn’t need costly car fuels.
  • It has been specially designed for travelling/ commuting through the traffic congested city roads.
  • The rear legs of this vehicle can be folded and that makes it easier to park at a very small parking spot. With the rising crisis of parking spot, these vehicles will save you a lot of time and worry.
  • The top of the car can be removed and worn as a helmet by the rider.

What’s the specialty of the E4U?

  • The specialty of E4U is that it doesn’t have wheels for maneuvering. There are two rear wheels, which gives support to the car’s structure.
  • It runs on a 500-watt battery.
  • It has to be controlled by the body movements and adjusting the base hemisphere of the car.

What change will it bring to the automobile industry?

This vehicle is uniquely designed and it lets your hands stay completely free. This vehicle is being held as the herald for a very new range of vehicles for personal commutation.

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