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Eco-Dubai 1: A car with an unbelievable mileage of 1000km/liter

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Natural resources are irreversible source of energy, which means they are not going to last forever. So, in an initiative to save petrol, a group of very talented engineering students from the Higher Colleges of Technology Dubai Men’s College in UAE have designed a unique vehicle named Eco-Dubai 1 that can travel 1000km by using fuel of just 1litre. This extremely lightweight vehicle has reached its final stage of construction and will soon start the process of testing within the next two weeks.

The purpose

Driven by the sole purpose of designing a car that can travel the longest distance with minimum amount of fuel, Eco- Dubai 1 has been perceived as the future of the eco-car industry around the world. Weighing just 25kgs with an outer body that is .5m wide, .5m long and .5m high, this car will showcase its performance at Shell’s Eco-Marathon, which is to be held in July in Kuala Lumpur.

The technology

If tested successfully, the technology of Eco-Dubai 1 could bring a new change in the world of automobiles across the globe and will encourage more and more manufacturing of eco-friendly vehicles. On the other hand, popularity of such vehicles will also tremendously benefit the environment by lessening the amount of air pollution mostly emitted by automobile vehicles. So, no wonder, this new creation has been hailed as the new Wonder car of the next generation.

The difference it makes

In today’s world, with the ever-increasing number of vehicles all around the world, the demand for petrol has sky rocketed in the last few decades and if proper measures are not adopted soon enough, then it has been predicted that our natural resources would be exhausted sooner than we expect. Therefore, in order to prevent the future crisis of petrol, it is very necessary to save it as much as possible and to drive vehicles, which consumes minimum amount of petrol.

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