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Top five Things Your Future Car of 2020 Will Have

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Though you may imagine of driving flying cars, but exploring the reality of your future will also not disappoint you. Your future cars in 2020 will surely have some advanced features you do not get to see today. As safety will always remain a concern for drivers, you might have advanced technology being used to reduce road accidents. As there is a focus on saving fuels and reduce environmental pollution, some greener cars would come to the roads. There will be more of electrified vehicles that would not consume much fuel. That’s not all — you might also get to order your car to check your social sites in 2020! If that’s not exciting enough, check out the other top things your call will have a few years from now.

High-end warning systems: Though you currently have some collision-mitigation systems in your car, these will get technologically advanced in 2020. Presently, you get visual or auditory warnings when you are too close, over-speeding, or reversing improperly. This is done through radars that also pre-charge your car brakes or tighten your seat belts. You also get blind spot and lane departure warning systems, but these are quite expensive and come in packages. The future will bring you these systems on high-end car models as a standard, as well as on other cars as an option. You will also see the prices getting down by a good margin.


Pedestrian detection and night vision: To help you detect pedestrians on your way or see wanderers out of your headlight’s reach at night, such systems are available but at high prices. Volvo is currently offering such a systems package in about $2,100, while BMW’s system costs around $2,600. The future will help you get all these systems at a lower price and as a standard in high-end cars.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication: Several accidents are avoidable if cars could speak to each other. The 2020 cars will make it happen. There are intelligent vehicle systems being designed for these purposes and these would operate on the advanced Wi-Fi technology. You will receive your vehicle’s location information and know about other vehicles around you.

App central: Though there are concerns on Web surfing while driving, there will be better systems coming in by 2020 that can run all your favorite apps through voice commands.


 Advanced engines: The future will offer you more hybrid engines with lithium-ion batteries to power regenerative brakes and start/stop systems. Rest of the models having gas engines would depend on direct injection or turbo-charging. You will get better fuel economy through these engines.

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