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Top seven car gadgets you want to live with

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When you select the technological innovations or gadgets for your new vehicle, there is always a variety to choose from. Sometimes, you are just not able to pick a few that you really want. Have a look at some of the options we are providing you to choose from – top car gadgets you would not want to live without. So, go and make your selection to live with them.


Bluetooth: You may use Bluetooth without any hard connection being made between your phone and your car. You just need your car to be Bluetooth-enabled to make a wireless signal connection between it and the phone. An instance is the UConnect System offered by Chrysler that helps you make and take calls without holding or picking up your phone. You also have a phonebook feature in it that helps you to add contacts verbally so you remain hands-free.

In-car device for media storage: You have some cars that come with an in-car hard drive. This drive can be used to store pictures, music, etc. Soon, you would also be able to connect to these devices via USBs in order to transfer the media files.


Traffic information display system: You will find AcuraLink equipped in Acura cars that enables you to get real-time information on traffic around your location. This can help you avoid busy routes and save your travel time. BMWs are also soon expected to have a similar system.

Lane departure warning system: This system is being used in several cars now. It works through a small camera and speed sensors that judge when you get deviated from your lane. The system offers a vibration, visual or buzz alert so you can maintain your lane accordingly.

Branded stereo: Most of you would not enjoy your trip without a sound stereo system in your car. There are a variety of luxury, as well as affordable branded stereo systems for you to choose from.


Rear parking camera: This has now become a common gadget that you would always want to live with. The rear parking sensors beep to inform you about any object your car is approaching. A rear-mounted camera additionally displays the video while you are in reverse gear and have a chance to run over something. You may keep a check on the things behind by monitoring this video.

Self-parking capability: Some Lexus and Toyota car versions are equipped with this capability for the car to self-park. The driver just has to use its touch screen to enter some parameters and the car is fitted into a spot.

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