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Innovating ideas for 3D Printing

by DrPrem Jagyasi

How about living in the future now! Get whatever you want with just a push of a button. With the advent of 3D printers, the power to create has been put in to the hands of ordinary people. This technology is of course not new, as it has been around us for more than three decades now but it is quite expensive to make it work on an industrial scale. The method 3D printing works on the concept of fusing layer upon layers of dust particles, liquids or working polymers to create a solid template, which can be designed using a three dimensional computer aided software. Some of the wonderful creations made out of 3D printing are listed below; take a look:

Glove One palm phone

This could possibly be a smart solution for those who keep on losing their phones quite often. This device is a brain concept of a Milwaukee artist Bryan Cera, who used a 3D printer and recycled circuits to create this operational gauntlet. All you need to do is to push in your Sim card, dial the number on your fingers and literally talk to your hand.


A jaw for medical ailments

Well the advantages of 3D printing are not just limited to gadgets or fun based material but it does have some real medical usage too. Recently some medical implant experts printed a 170g titanium jaw, which was a copy of the original lower jawbone of an 83-year-old Belgian woman based on her MRI scans. The copy was so very perfect that it fitted the lady accurately and she was able to speak, chew and even swallow normally just after 24 hours of the jaw implanted.

N12 Bikini’s the future of fashion

 Take a glimpse into the future of the fashion world. How about a cloth being perfectly printed based on the exact body fit of a person! The Continuum Fashion has come out with its N12 Bikini, made from thousands of circular plates connected by minuscule springs that were printed on a solid and flexible polymer called Nylon 12. This polymer is waterproof and becomes more comfortable on being wetter. This futuristic swimwear costs around USD $200-300 and can be easily ordered through various online stores.

Discover newer ways of learning with 3D Medical Models

With 3D printing being in action, medical schools can have a cheaper alternative to learn about human anatomy along with being able to make their surgery practices more accurate and realistic without using the cadavers. With 3D printers, one can printout various medical models, such as full-size translucent leg or a body, with an underlying realistic looking skeletal structure. This would have the doctors a great advantage to plan their surgeries before the real patient goes under their knives.


Printable Food

In present times, even the food industry is not left behind from the advances of 3D printing. Now, one can create confectionaries based on various designs and shapes without the use of molds. A printer developed by the researchers at Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab, can print various food items using liquid ingredients such as batter, cheese, butter etc. Though this printer is in its prototype stage, but the team developing it confirmed to have successfully developed a 3D chocolate printer for the time being.

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