Top five futuristic single-wheeled vehicles

Most of the people want personal mobility and this need is wonderfully met by the automobile sector. Various auto companies keep coming up with innovative vehicle designs that offer better personal mobility to people. One such innovation is being tried in the area of single-wheeled automobiles. Several types of vehicles are being worked upon so the companies could come up with appealing designs for people of all age groups. Here are some of the designs for single-wheeled vehicles that could become excellent future transportation options.


1.Honda U3-X: This is a unicycle from Honda that balances itself wonderfully. The vehicle has been created to assist those people who face a mobility problem. The company describes that the balance mechanism of this unicycle is similar to the balance mechanism of a broomstick on one’s palm. A constant movement by the rider keeps it upright. The team working on U3-X has devised the Honda Omni Traction drive system, which is used to control this vehicle’s movement in all directions. The rider’s shifting weight balances the unicycle and makes it move in the intended direction.


2.Orbis: This is another single-wheeled concept vehicle that is like a Segway. This eco-friendly vehicle can be easily collapsed for storage and transportation. However, it seems to be a little risky when you stop this self-balancing vehicle.


3.Taurus: This self-balancing motorcycle has taken its inspiration from a Segway. However, its wheel configuration makes it look like running on a single set of wheels. You can ride it as if you would ride a bike. Taurus concept reflects a cool design that could make this motorcycle become a promising futuristic vehicle.


4.Hornet: This single-wheeled superbike concept has been a winner at the VACC competition. There are hydrogen fuel cell-powered twin electric motors that make this bike run. Hornet has been designed by Liam Ferguson. This vehicle can gain an amazing top speed of 234 km/h. Hornet also features the computerized recording of data related to the rider. This helps in maintaining the vehicle’s stability and momentum.


5.Audi A M: This is a single-wheeled superbike concept based on the idea of designer Shaun Stevens. Powered by electricity, this monocycle has its concept woven around the rear wheel of a superbike. This vehicle receives its balance through gyro stabilizing systems. There have not been too many specifications revealed about it as yet.

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