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Best security devices to protect your car

by DrPrem Jagyasi

After buying a car, protecting it should be the prime concern of the owner. Car thefts have become a very common occurrence. Surveys show that in the past few years the number of car thefts around the world has increased. You may live in a safe and decent neighborhood but you will have to park your car at different places like malls, supermarkets and the unprotected parking lot near your office. Car thieves are clever and they use innovative techniques to steal vehicles. Thankfully, there are very advanced tech gadgets and devices that can ensure the security of your car, no matter where you park it. You have to select one of the best anti theft devices for your car, just after buying it, to make sure that it cannot be stolen easily. In the following you will find information about some of the best security devices for your car.


The Mechanical Immobilizers:

The mobile immobilizer is a cunning anti theft device that you can use to ward off the novice car thieves. This clever tech device stops car stealers from easily getting into the car or moving the car from its place with some trick. It is visible from a distance and acts as a warning sign to the thieves. Another good thing about the mechanical immobilizers is that they are available in an affordable price. You can use them along with some other more advanced anti theft devices.


Steering Wheel Lock:

You will get one of the most effective types of steering wheel lock, The Club, at only $25. It is used on the steering wheel of the car so that no one can drive without removing it.


Hood Lock:

You will get sturdy hood locks between the price range of $25 and $100. They stop thieves from opening your car’s hood and taking out the major car parts for selling them.


Car Alarm:

Car alarms are the one of the most effective and technologically advanced anti car theft device. They are visual and you can use car alarm stickers on the windows to make the car thieves back step. The electronic sensors of the alarm recognize forced entry immediately. You can get a good quality car alarm within the price range of $150 to $1,000.

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