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How to make your car talk to the wind

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Adding speed to your car can make your driving experience more competitive and fun to drive in races. The speed of your car is determined via an amalgamation of factors such as total weight, engine efficiency as well as the programming of the car’s electronic parts. Augmenting the speed of cars can make it highly competitive for increasing your enjoyment, improving gas mileage and competitive for racing. Below are five incredible ways to augment the speed of your car. Of these, some are inexpensive and simple while others need advanced knowledge of cars.


Regular maintenance of car:

If you indulge to uphold your car on a regular basis, then it will definitely prevent your car from slowing down. This is in fact the basic routine, which you should practice lest other services will fail in rendering any valid result. The process of regular maintenance includes oil changes, tire rotation and filter changes. 



Everything from the distributor, spark plug wires and spark plugs form the car’s ignition system and these ignite the combined fuel and air inside the compressed cylinder. Making use of high-performance spark plugs as well as wires will aid the performance of your vehicle. If your car possesses an old distributor, replace it right away with that of an electronic one. 

Cold Air Intake


Air, spark and fuel are three vital things required for the internal combustion engine. The aftermarket intake of cold air can be utilized for replacing the intake of the engine’s stock air and tour engines will automatically see improvements. Fuel efficiency and power will boost up owing to intake of cold air, as this will help in sacrificing the quietness of contemporary engines for gaining these results.



With the exhaust system playing a crucial part of channelling exhaust gases, limitations with the exhaust system is likely to steal power that could be utilized for speed. In fact, headers are lighter if compared to iron exhaust manifolds, thus it can boost up the flow efficiently. As the exhaust system plays a very vital role of channelling away exhaust gases, restrictions in the exhaust system can steal power, which could be used for speed. Headers are much lighter than iron exhaust manifolds and they can improve the flow efficiently.

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