Five negative aspects that electric cars need to surmount to succeed

Electric vehicles are indeed turning into a realistic substitute to gasoline powered and internal combustion cars. With the skyrocketing rise in the price of oil and gas and global warming resulting from car emissions, an alternative means of travel has become an increasing topic for discussion. Although electric cars have untold benefits but there a few negative aspects which electric cars need to surmount to succeed. Below are five negative aspects of electric cars that need to be surmounted to achieve success.


Battery recharging time:

A big disadvantage of electric cars is the long charging time of its battery. These vehicles need to be plugged for some time for charging it totally while certifying it useless at this period. Besides, this is cumbersome especially for city dwellers for charging their car owing to lack of appropriate infrastructure. However, this problem can be overcome by creating proper infrastructure for instant charging of batteries.


Minimal amount of pollution:

These vehicles are known for emitting zero emissions yet indirectly causes pollution too. The battery comprises of toxic elements that emit toxic gas and its disposal is indeed a major concern. Besides, the electricity utilized for charging the battery is not always produced from a renewable source.

2013 Ford Fusion Energi

Overloaded batteries:

Today we use ample electronic devices in our vehicles. Though these tools are vital part of the car, it consumes huge quantity of power. This host of electronic gadgets in case of the electric vehicles will quickly drain the battery cutting the vehicle range. Latest battery pack is needed for compensating the loss that is taking place owing to the functioning of these gadgets.



Compared to conventional vehicles, electric ones have half the range of mile making it ideal for the long distance travel thus restraining its usage to short distance and city travelling. More R&D is needed for building stronger and lighter battery offering better range and infrastructure too requires to be made for charging battery quickly akin to the fuel filling stations.



As there is no alteration with respect to the car’s body weight, the battery weight however is crucial making this a drawback of the electric car. This negative aspect can be rectified using up to date battery technology just as lithium ion battery along with compensating the weight of the battery against the lighter car body.

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