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Shape changing concept vehicles to revolutionize automobile industry in future

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Concept vehicles, undoubtedly, depict the ethos of automobile industry of future. The concept vehicles are basically designed with features and traits that current line up of vehicles even from the renowned brands of the world lack. One of these areas where current vehicles lack is the flexibility to change shape as per the requirements and needs of the time. As the roads in the cities are becoming increasingly overcrowded and the parking space is cramping with each passing day, the possibility of such vehicles hitting the roads in future becomes even more plausible. If you rhyme with me, consider reading about these shape changing concept vehicles in the following lines.



Janak Mistry imagined JAGUAR C-XS with two driving modes. In the saloon mode, the concept JAGUAR C-XS car becomes more spacious to accommodate four passengers at a time. Whereas in the sports mode, it removes the back seat to not only give it a sleek look but also to convert it into a two seater. The concept vehicle is to get power from the Fusion Power Technology.


Peugot 888

Peugot 888 is Oskar Johansen’s imagination and is truly an eco friendly car imagined to reduce greenhouse gas emission to make this earth a better place to live. The concept car is imagined with the shape changing modes to move through thick city traffic jams with relative ease.

The vehicle has a mechanism that helps it raise the cockpit for better viewing and squeeze itself to fit in narrow parking space. The USP of this concept, if it sees the light of the day ever, is the fact that it has a utility of a sports car and energy efficiency of a solar electric vehicle.



The brain behind the Cell car concept is Tom Kent that penned down this vehicle as a three-wheeler that changes its shape by altering its tire configuration.

The seating arrangement is similar to that of a motorbike (tandem). However, the front wheels move apart to give a great driving experience at higher speed. The aerodynamic setup of the car is changed as per the speed and the vehicle is imagined eco friendly to the core.



BMW GINA is the soul of shape changing cars of future, currently at display at BMW Museum; the body of GINA is imagined as polyeurethane-coated Spandex. There are rare chances of this car ever hitting the road, but is a source of inspiration to those who are working on cars with non-metallic flexible skin.

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