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Customized monster bikes ready to freak out

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A good power bike is generally regarded as a symbol of masculinity. Monster bikes, real big polluting monstrosities that they are, will be our guilty pleasure forever. Not satisfied with the plain, good, and awesome bikes and motorcycles that are manufactured, some enterprising individuals take it on themselves to create monster bikes. Here is a list of most extraordinary rough bikes for you to admire:


Aston Martin V12 powered Monster bike

With its association with the Bond movies, and an image of elegance, Aston Martin isn’t really a brand you would associate with monster bikes. Well except if someone decides to plonk Aston’s 425hp 6-l V12 engine into a monster bike, and basks in its loud and noisy glory. You can own this monster bike for 98,000 Euros.


Big toe monster bike

Swedish engineer Tom Wilberg created the monster bike that features wheels from monster trucks called Bigfoot. This monster bike has a world record for being the tallest pick up monster bike. Named Big Toe, it is powered by a 5.3-L V12 engine. This engine produces 300 HP, while 45mm twin choke Weber carburetors combined with a bespoke stainless muffler system deals with exhaust.420111022185500001_t607

All terrain amphibious kinetic sculpture

Californian Peter Wagner engineered ATV-slash-kinetic sculpture. Bike gathers traction for mud from the bars on the rear wheel. With big tires and the oar outriggers, it can float on water. On the other side, sculpture hand passes through wet deep, sloppy, and mud passages but the tires help this to float. However, this bike could not be an ideal one for you to pick up your children from school.


The modern day Penny-Farthing

Swedish architect Per-olof Kippel created the famous Penny-Farthing in the year 1800. It was quite a revolution where bicycling was concerned. That revolution probably is no concern to this monster bike built to look like the Penny-Farthing. It is not an easy task to use this bike, it’s front wheel can be the height of your first floor apartment window. This monster bike is an example when we could say bigger is not always better!


Dodge Tomahawk bike

The Tomahawk is a Viper V-10 based monster bike, powered by a 500 hp engine with four wheels. While the number of tires is same as that of a car, it keeps the bike form factor otherwise. The Dodge Tomahawk can reach 60 miles per hours in 2.5 seconds and has a speed around 400 mph. every pair of its tire separated by few inches and all comes with independent suspension.


When you decide to ride on a monster, you are not choosing a bike but changing a lifestyle. These monster bikes are freaky on road, and truth be told, some of them are awesome.

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