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Green buses on the road for sustainable transportation

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Increase in emission of green house gases, declining space for parking, and hike in gas prices are the main and serious issues for everyone today. Industrial designers and government are trying hard to create eco-friendly designs for buses so that you do not have to compromise with your comfort. If the public transportation improved, it will turn the traditional public transport into green and soon a new picture will come. Checkout some of the designs and buses that currently are, or soon intend to be on the road:


Worlds’ longest articulated bus in Brazil

On April 5, 2011, the worlds’ first longest public transportation that is an articulated bus introduced in Brazil. It this eco friendly and emission bus can carry around 250 travelers and powered by biodiesel that made from soybeans. It has length 28 meters and width of 2.6 meters. Such kind of buses on the road will definitely help to create a balanced eco-system.


Freight bus

Currently, the cargo hauling business is increasing with advanced technology and widening industrialization. Other than air and sea travel, the transportation system are getting worse, where freight transport is concerned. The concept of freight buses introduced to get out of this problem. This bus powered by hydrogen fuel cell system that makes this design more useful. The bus features reducing traffic by its 150 passengers and 35 freight pods cargo carrying capacity.


Altcar new concepts bus

With the green features the big blue Altcar new concepts provides better public transportation that motivate positive use and emission of requestered CO2. Such cat-like designed buses are cool, impressive, stylish, and integrated extended windows to have a beautiful look of the city.


Razan Hydrobus

It comes with some extra features for entertaining the passengers through on-board theater, theatrical seating designs, and cooling system. This is a high-tech bus powered by hydrogen fuel cells and backed up with regenerative breaking charged lithium-ion batteries.


Green bus for Chinese urban city

The highly efficient green bus designed for Chinese urban cities and powered by hydrogen and lithium. The design has some self-sufficiency issues but solves the emission and energy problem to a great extent.


The electric bus

Transalon electric buses have glass body and AC roofs. The interior has enough space and features by LED displays that collect information about next stop and display it.


These green buses facilitates in the reduction of traffic, while at the same time bringing in increased comfort and ease to the passengers. Their eco-friendly credentials will definitely aid a proper and balanced eco-system.

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