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Drive ‘Back to the Future’ with your friends in DeLorean Limo

We all can never forget DeLorean, particularly the one modified as a time machine in the Sci-fi flick ‘Back to the Future’.  It is to remain in our memory as young as ever. However, the one we are going show you here is an extreme modification of what we saw in the movie. The DeLorean with gull wing door has been stretched considerably and now incorporates four more gull-wing doors.

The stretched Delorean with three pairs of gullwing doors is the creation of Rich Weissensel who got an idea during DCS 2000. Rich elongated its wheelbase like anything to convert it from a coupe to a Limousine that now incorporates six seats instead of two earlier. Inside, though, the vehicle has buckets seats that make it little hard and ill at ease for long distance travel, but you can now not only invite all your friends but travel in style in this one-of-a-kind DeLorean Limo.

It gives you style, it makes you travel into the future , but the thing that long body will add some weight to it making it drive a bit slow and don’t be surprised if you face parking woes.

Via: Technabob

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