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Five eco-friendly car concepts for the future

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Awareness about alternate sources of energy for driving our cars is increasing as fuel prices keep on increasing and condition our environment continues to deteriorate due to use of various toxic substances. We all know that fossil fuel sources are depleting and we will have to use of sources like electricity or hydrogen for running our cars. Let us look at some new transport concepts, which make use of these alternative energy sources.


Saab Blackbird:

It is a two-seat sports car having a tandem configuration. The car has been made with motivation from blackbird jet. Saab Blackbird uses several innovative features and is a good vehicle for busy roads. You can pull in the suspension a lot closer to your body, which makes it slimmer as well as taller. The car has 4 in wheel electric motors that run on power generated by solar skin hood.


HSV Encores 2020:

This car has been made to run on ethanol and hydrogen. It has a V8 engine of six liter and has dual fuel capability. You can run the car on any of the two fuels and change between them anytime as needed. The use of carbon fiber makes the car lightweight as well as safe to ride.


GlideX 2020:

Made for the Chinese market, this concept car runs on hydrogen fuel cell. The car has physical and virtual assistance to help the driver with driving the car more efficiently. GlideX has a seating capacity of 3 people and is a car with zero CO2 emissions.


Chevy Era Concept:

You will be having a environment friendly ride in this car since it is one of the solar vehicles having solar cells fitted in roof top glass. The car has zero CO2 emissions and it also purifies incoming air and then emits it back into the environment.


Mazda Nagare:

This concept car runs on hydrogen cells. The seat of driver is mounted centrally and seats for the three passengers are behind driver’s seat. Inspiration from nature has worked while the design of the car was made and takes into consideration how desert sand is shaped by the winds, water waves on ocean floor and how lava looks after a volcanic eruption.


In future, we will have to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel energy and start using alternative renewable sources so that there is less effect on our environment and costs are reduced as well.

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