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Analyzing and solving alternator problems in your vehicle

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Any automobile comprises of various electrical systems and parts that work in coalition for the overall automobile to work efficiently. Some of the components include solenoid, battery, alternator and starter. All these components are essential for the automobile to work. Any of these if not in working condition, can hamper the overall functioning of the automobile.

alternator problems in car

However, finding the problem in any of these components isn’t that difficult. Electrical issues if any, might take some time to find the source of problem, however, commonly damaged or malfunctioning component of the automobile is the alternator. Battery too sometimes can be a source of problem.

Alternator is similar to a mini generator. It is an electrical system, which ones powered lights up and gives energy to various parts of the automobile, including stereo and the lights.

alternator problems

Moreover, it undertakes an important function of recharging the battery, without which any automobile cannot work. If the alternator goes at fault while you’re driving, then it might result in losing power either slowly or quickly, depending on how much the alternator has damaged. If this continues, the vehicle will eventually stop running. Generally, the alternator malfunctioning occurs when you are driving the car. Hence, if the alternator goes off, it becomes difficult to run the vehicle.

However, if the alternator is damaged, yet hasn’t shut off completely, then you can diagnose it easily. The alternator is essential for the running of the car, not for starting it. Many a times, starting the car is possible even if the alternator isn’t functioning well.

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You can either jump start it, or if you are on a slope driving down then getting it on the second gear and starting the vehicle is another alternative. However, one thing you should understand is that, since the alternator recharges the battery it is important to understand that your vehicle cannot travel a long distance. Hence, trying this jump-start method to reach to the nearest mechanic is a good solution.

Another solution is changing the alternator yourself. This saves the money the mechanic might charge to get the work done. Alternators generally cost around $250 and looks like a big ball made of copper wire surrounded by a metal cage. The size of this ball is smaller than a soccer ball. In case you are well versed with attachment and wiring, it can be advisable to repair the alternator on your own.


Alternator problems are easy to diagnose, and if well educated about the vehicle, mechanics can easily repair it.

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