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Incredible car features that you never knew existed

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When the car was first invented, it was not thought to be a feature rich vehicle. The car itself was believed to be a huge luxury. Now, the car is considered to be an essential piece of living. We talk only about features since ownership of car is taken for granted. Every latest car that hits the road comes loaded with additional features. We are used to hearing about power steering, power window, central locking etc. Let’s talk about the ones we do not hear about:

Safety features

Ford has designed a car seat that detects whether the driver is having a heart attack,

Ford has designed a car seat that detects whether the driver is having a heart attack, using the same electrocardiography used in hospitals. In such an eventuality, the car will take over control from driver and stop the car. It will also inform emergency service with location of car.

The President of USA rides one of the safest cars in the world. Fuel tank of the car is charged with fire extinguishing foam, which will not let the tank explode even if it is hit strongly and directly. The tank is also armor plated to make bullets ineffective.

Imaging devices installed in some of the Volvo models can warn the driver about sudden appearance of any obstruction. If the driver is not able to react quickly enough, the system will slam the brakes.

A new feature installed in BMW models has a camera in front bumper that gives the driver information on navigation screen about movements 300 feet away, giving the driver sufficient time to react.

In the event of an accident, Crash Response System of Volkswagen turns off the fuel pump, unlocks the doors and activates emergency blinkers.

Luxury features

2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

One Honda model has inbuilt vacuum cleaner in the rear. It can reach everywhere in the car and gets power from the running engine but can operate couple of minutes after the engine is put off.

You may not keep your foot on the brake pedal for 10 minutes at red lights in one of the new Acura sedan. The vehicle will keep the brakes engaged.

Full visibility is provided during a downpour in new Kia Cadenza sedan through side windows also as the car comes with specially treated glasses that shed water.

There are many more. Manufacturers will keep on adding to the list as long as cars are around. And there is no reason to believe that cars are going to be extinct species in the near future.


Modern cars often come packed with features that are missed by the average joe. Some of these features are simple, but the others are quite impressive and showcase the long road technology has covered.

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