Tips and ideas for waxing your car

Cleaning and waxing are two basic things that are required to maintain the appearance and paintjob of your car. Exteriors of the cars face quite a few challenges for their looks, ranging from harsh effects of UV rays, tree sap, to bugs and more. Waxing and regular cleaning can be seen as the ideal ways to protect the car and its appearance from the harm and risks posed by these problems. The idea of car waxing is to provide a layer that safeguard vehicle from dust, dirt, and scratches.

Process of car waxing

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The process starts by cleaning the car properly with mild soap. Before waxing, dry and clean your car. Rubbing and polishing is necessary before waxing if car is damaged or scratched. Start with some wax and put it on foam. Use gentle and circular motion to apply wax on a small area of car. Apply more wax to the car by using buffer and clear imperfections if any. Wait until wax dries out. Take micro fiber cloth and clean wax for shiny polish touch.

Things to keep in mind while waxing car

Place for waxing

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Be careful while waxing your car. Never wax it in the sun. Sunlight results in hardening the wax. Ideally, you should wax indoors. Search for a shady place or garage. Avoid waxing the car when the temperature is near an extreme.

Double wax for extra gloss and shine

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Double wax your car for deep enduring finish. Professionals highly recommend double gloss for that extra shine for the car. Start by applying synthetic wax, buff it, and wipe it. When wax dries out, apply another layer of carnauba wax. It will give your car that glossy look that we often see in the cars at showrooms.

Wax at least once or twice a year

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It is advisable to wax car at least once or twice a year. Wax protects the paint of the car and makes it shiny and almost as good as new. Wax removes scratches and other damage from the car. So wax your car twice to maintain its looks.

Wax small portion at a time

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Never wax the whole cars in one go. Always wax section by section. If the area is big, divide it into small portions and then wax. Use microfiber cloth for cleaning up the wax.


Maintaining car is necessary. Clean it regularly. Polish it when it becomes dull or go for waxing your car, it will improve the looks of the car and give it that glossy shine that you always wanted.

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