Essential Tools for Easy Car DIY

There are many car repairs and maintenance checks that can be done at home without taking your vehicle into a garage. They may require a little extra elbow grease and application but the satisfaction gained from your achievements makes it all worthwhile (as well as saving on garage bills). From changing windscreen wipers to replacing the fuel filter, these and other repairs can easily be completed with a few basic tools.

Adjustable Wrenches

There are many different types of wrenches that can be used for numerous tasks but an adjustable wrench is probably the most useful for car work. As the name suggests the head is adjustable in size, making it great for tightening and loosening many nuts and bolts. They come in handy when changing a battery and alternator, replacing a fuel filter and also for home DIY jobs. Specialised types of wrenches can be better for specific jobs as well, such as a torque wrench for replacing brake pads.


Trolley Jack

For changing tyres and inspecting and replacing brakes a car jack is required. A car trolley jack from SGS Engineering is a great option as most can easily be kept in the boot and come at a range of prices. A jack is only for lifting the vehicle off the ground though, so you will need jack stands as well if you intend to work underneath the vehicle. Placing bricks or wooden blocks in front of the wheels at the end of the car not being raised will stop it rolling on top of you too.

Socket and Ratchet Set

A socket and ratchet set is necessary when replacing a broken or worn drive belt, along with wrenches and a screwdriver. Drive belts do wear out over time and if you think there’s a problem it is fairly easy to visually check for any cracks or slack. Sometimes the belt just needs tightening and not replacing which can be done using the same tools, but if it looks worn it is best to change it.


Like wrenches, there are many varieties of screwdrivers which have their own uses. A Phillips-head screwdriver is best for unscrewing parts when flushing the car radiator while flathead screwdrivers are better in other situations. Most screwdrivers are fairly cheap or can be bought in a set that will be useful for other DIY projects. It’s best to keep a few in your car in case of an emergency.


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