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BMW –‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’

Choosing a car isn’t always an easy decision; it’s not something simple like choosing what you want for dinner and nor should it be, as it’s far more important than that.

You will want something that suits your needs and provides the best driving experience for any occasion. Something which you can enjoy and feel is a worthwhile investment. But what can offer you all of this?

Luckily the answer is simple. There is a particular brand which you can rest assured will tick all your boxes and provide you with a range of fantastic vehicle options –the simply superb BMW.

Why Choose BMW?

What really sets BMW above the rest is the intricate, precision engineering which goes into every one of their vehicles. From refined engines to interior finish, gadgets and chassis; every aspect is finely tuned to perfection. Along with this, BMW has won earned worldwide recognition through countless awards throughout their long-established manufacturing history. And, as they rightfully declared in a famous advertising slogan, they’re ‘the ultimate driving machine’.

A Number of Options

This statement is best qualified by some of the popular models; the 3-series and 5-series are perhaps the ‘classic’ BMWs with their stunning and unique style and design. What’s more these respective models feature a range of engine capacities from the smaller 1.8-litre 3-series, to M-Sport and the mighty 5-litre cars in the 5-series.

Whatever the size option you choose though, with these models you’ll always be driving in safety and comfort combined with excellent handling and performance. Equally, when it comes to economy, with the latest fuel-saving technology even a 3-litre diesel can be a frugal machine with up to 68mpg possible.

Should you be after a family car, the X-series range is championed as a luxury four-wheel drive which again features a choice in sizes, while the hatchback 1-series offer a smaller option as a family runabout.


Undeniably Stylish

As aforementioned, the 3 and 5 series might be the most recognisable BMW design, but ultimately whatever you choose it’s safe to say you’ll always ride in style.  BMW put as much time into making sure their cars are as attractive to look at as they are to drive.

So why not treat yourself to the car you deserve? You might feel a new BMW is beyond your budget but in the used markets you can still find a relatively new model at a lower price. What’s more, thanks to their durability, stemming from their expert manufacture, you can still count on a second hand car being as pleasing to drive as a new one.


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