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Devolro’s off-road limousine promises comfort while conquering terrains

Every time we spot a limousine on the road, we are in awe of the sheer size and the luxuries it has to offer. Devolro has put on display its own version of off-road limousine at this year’s New York Auto show. For those who have been fans of Hummer for years, Devolro has an alternative on offer. The Beauty The limousine is not one of those elegant cars that talk about how aerodynamic they are, but is a one ...

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Antti Rahko’s $1 million Finnjet limousine is all junk and scrap

A giant limousine made heads turn at the Essen Motor Show in Essen, Germany, not because it weighs 7,500 pounds or is 29-foot long but owing to the fact that it’s made completely out of junk scraps. Dubbed as Finnjet, the unusually striking vehicle is the creation of Antti Rahko, a 72-year-old Finnish immigrant to the United States, who has been working for 12 years to bring his plans to fruition. ...

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Cadillac adds Livery sedan, Limousine and Hearse models to XTS lineup

With the intent to get the bigger auto market pie, Cadillac expands its traditional XTS lineup and introduces three special versions that include a Livery sedan, a Limousine and a funeral coach (read Hearse). Targeting specific audience who always demand for something extra, GM steps out of the factory premises and collaborated with the aftermarket companies who did everything GM directed them to. The resul ...

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Drive ‘Back to the Future’ with your friends in DeLorean Limo

We all can never forget DeLorean, particularly the one modified as a time machine in the Sci-fi flick ‘Back to the Future’.  It is to remain in our memory as young as ever. However, the one we are going show you here is an extreme modification of what we saw in the movie. The DeLorean with gull wing door has been stretched considerably and now incorporates four more gull-wing doors. ...

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