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Antti Rahko’s $1 million Finnjet limousine is all junk and scrap

A giant limousine made heads turn at the Essen Motor Show in Essen, Germany, not because it weighs 7,500 pounds or is 29-foot long but owing to the fact that it’s made completely out of junk scraps. Dubbed as Finnjet, the unusually striking vehicle is the creation of Antti Rahko, a 72-year-old Finnish immigrant to the United States, who has been working for 12 years to bring his plans to fruition. ...

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DIYer chops and molds Ford F-150 into a Banana Car

While the wacky wheels are spotted every now and then across the – major or minor – cities of the world and we try our level best to introduce you with the best of the lot. Such creations take auto passion to next level and also, at the same time, demonstrate what can really be done that automakers usually don’t do. ...

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This wooden car is a sheer gory mess

After the first look at the vehicle, I just couldn’t find words to describe the impression it made on my mind. Well, you too won’t even be able to describe it. If you do, please let me know in the comments what was the first word you uttered. Did it make you go WTF? Waiting to hear from you! ...

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Crazy wheels: Binzhou Pride 3-wheeler from China

We have seen Chinese madness in the past and here is another creation, which is an embodiment of their passion for autos going higher every time. Moreover, when we talk about the craze for automobiles from China, one manufacturer that strikes is Binzhou Pride Automobile. This somewhat bizarre vehicle pictured above is Pride 3-wheeler prototype from the great city of Binzhou, China. ...

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