8 Car Upgrades you should make before your next road trip


In a busy and hectic life we look for every possible opportunity to break free from it even if it is for a short period of time. Road trips are a great way to do so. It may be a recreational break or a long travel for work purposes but you cannot take away the fun and de-stressing element associated with a long road trip. However it takes a lot of pre planning and preparations for a road trip to be without any hindrances. While most people are unaware of these, in this article we decided to shed some light on these, particularly on the things and upgrades you need before a road trip.

Some important car upgrades before a road trip

  1. Check the engine oils:Check-the-engine-oils
    It is no secret that for proper functioning of the engine it must be well lubricated. This allows all the pistons and machinery inside to move properly. While it is advised to check the engine oil levels after about 5000 miles, it is advisable to check this well in advance before a road trip. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning engine.
  2. Radiator fluids: Your car would be running very long distances and there is a good chance that your engine will heat up in the process. The radiator has some cooling fluids which you need to replenish from time to time. This will ensure a trouble free long journey where your car engine will not overheat.
  3. Brake and power steering fluids:Brake-and-power-steering-fluidsThese are things you must look into before hitting the road. These fluids are essential for the proper functioning and you need to check for any irregularity or contamination in these. Out on the highway your car has to be top notch and you cannot afford a compromise on the controls.
  4. Tire pressure: Mileage is always on your mind before a road trip. For that the tire pressure you maintain is crucial. So make sure that the tire pressure is not lesser than normal as that would lead to underperformance and low mileage. At the same time over inflating them will lead to poor ride quality. Among the many must haves we strongly suggest getting your tire pressure checked and adjusted after every 1000 kilometers.
  5. Air filters:
    These are essential components in your car and like most other parts they too need to be changed. So make sure that after about 12000 km you change them so that the engine and also the interiors of the car are protected from all the bugs and dirt on the roads. Before a road trip you can change it to be tension free because not many road trips are going to exceed 12000km.
  6. Strong lights and fog light: Highways are not always as well lit as your city. Apart from that the speed and signals you make to other riders must be clearly visible. To solve this problem get strong lights for your car. Fog lights too are a must because you might be driving in heavy fog with very poor visibility. At high speeds this is not something you should miss out on.
  7. Tight belts:
    Tighten the seat belts and other interior components. Like we said already, for a long ride the ride quality cannot be compromised and these are going to ensure that things such as safety are paid adequate attention. While you are at it also check the status of your airbags.
  8. Luka LK 9700 Duo Dashcam: This is one of the must haves before you set out for a road trip. The dashcam ensures a continuous footage capture during your ride from both the front and back of the car. This is of great help if you are faced with an accident and you are claiming insurance. For a $330, this is the equipment you should not miss out on.
  9. Scosche Magic Mount XL:Scosche Magic Mount XLYou will need to see you phone while on the drive. It can be for directions or for some information but it has to be right there in front. This Magic Mount is one of the best devices you can get your hands on and it has a stronger suction power than many others to hold the smartphone and tablets in place.
  10. Nyrius Songo portable: Long drives often tend to get boring so before you set out on one make sure that the entertainment arrangements are on point. Get this Bluetooth music device for an uninterrupted music system during your long ride.

Final words

These things are among the must haves before a road trip and we strongly recommend that you pay attention to such details for a safe and trouble free road trip. Hitting the road can be fun but you do not want to be caught up with a car problem in the middle of nowhere and these tips will ensure that it will not happen.

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