Getting started with your own taxi firm

There’s plenty of great reasons to want to start your own taxi firm. It might be that you feel there’s a gap in the needs of the local area that you could capitalise on, or you simply have a passion for business and motoring.Whatever the situation you need to get your firm off to the best start.

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However, in order for you to do this there are several things you need to have and indeed have in place to ensure your company is legal, secure and properly established. To find out what these are, take a look at the useful points below:

Get Licenced

Firstly you need to contact your local authority and enquire about an operator’s licence, without this you can’t setup a taxi business. At the same time look at taxi insurance for your vehicle(s) to see what deals are available.

Equip your Vehicles

After this you should invest in your vehicle equipment. You must have some radio systems between your cars for handling jobs, but along with this it’s worth investing in Satnavs and Bluetooth so you can take more calls when on the go.

Choose your Base

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With the above point in mind, you also need to consider if you will have a single base of operations (in an actual shop) or just provide your services from your vehicles. The latter is arguably the more straightforward of the two, but if you want an actual HQ then this should be a site that allows for walk-ins and has waiting areas for clients.

Hire Drivers

This point depends on whether you intend to go solo or not, but if you’re planning on having a fleet of taxis you need to hire the right staff. You can find agencies that have drivers ready for hire, but if you’re going to advertise externally look for:

  • Experienced drivers with clean licences
  • Previous experience in the taxi industry
  • Drivers with their own cars
  • Those willing to work varied shift patterns

Make a Name for Yourself

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Last but not least, you need to start getting your name out there once you’ve got all the above in place. Set up social media profiles, and take out adverts in local newspapers and publications to display your number. You can also visit local pubs and restaurants and ask them to hold your details for potential customers.

Follow this advice and soon your taxi company could be on the right road to success. All there’s left to do now is get to work and get started with your new business endeavours.

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