Understanding the advantages of built-in Comprehensive Vehicle tracking systems


Vehicle tracking system is fast becoming a common commodity in cars and in a few years should be a part of every vehicle.  This is a massive step up from only a few years ago, for example, in the year 2009, only half of the public transit systems in America had comprehensive tracking system of any kind.

The primary use, one that most people are most aware of, is the gauging of the location of the vehicle and the traffic around it. However, there are many other uses of a built-in tracking system, some of which people aren’t aware of.  Lets have a look.

Helps businesses


If your business requires a lot of transporting or delivering the vehicle tracking system is a boon for you. You can track your employees in real time and outgoing business can be kept upto date of the traffic and weather situation. Taking a good tracking system also allows the potential business to choose the shortest and best route possible thereby cutting the travel or delivery time. Forget the “too late its free” debacle, you’d also be saving fuel and useless overtime costs.

Customer satisfaction is an indirect result of investing in a good tracking system and there have been cases to prove this. Giving an accurate arrival time instead of an approximate one is good for business.

Helps save time

This should have been the number one point but oh, well! GPS tracking saves everyone’s time and indirectly increases productivity. Getting stuck in traffic has caused innumerable businesses to lose customers and individuals loose a promotion. Just ask your parents..back in 1990 you had to leave an hour earlier just to be sure you got in time for that important presentation. Today? just turn the GPS ON and you are good to know the best possible route and the best time to leave the house. Avoiding busy streets in real time, thanks to a vehicle tracking system, will make you thankful you were born in this day and age and not fifty years prior.

Save money….on fuel


With all the points stated above it is understood that you’d be saving money. Think about it, finding the fastest or most efficient way, or even leaving at a time when there is less traffic, will help you save a lot of fuel. On a daily basis, it wouldn’t make a difference, perhaps, but by the end of the month, it all adds up. There have been testimonies of drivers saving upward of three hundred dollars worth of fuel each month. That’s 3,600 dollars a year and all you need to spend is your common sense. Most latest GPS systems even track fuel consumption per trip which  can help towards fuel costs and allowances if you have a business, or even as an individual, it might help you save a lot of money.

Miscellaneous factors

There are many other factors that should help you veer towards putting a tracking system in your vehicle(if you haven’t already). For example, GPS tracking helps you understand driving patterns and behaviour, the system stores all kinds of behavioural data in the system and gives an analysis of things like breaking too soon or too hard, or driving speed analysis. This can assist the drivers to become self-aware, analyze and program themselves accordingly.

The tracking system also helps in matters of car insurance and letting the overall state of the vehicle be known to you at any given time. Built in comprehensive tracking systems are a boon to the automobile industry, and before long they will be a part of every car, truck and van.

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