3 off-road vehicle modifications that won’t cost a fortune

off-road vehicle modifications

It is easy to modify your off-road vehicle if you have some money set aside for this. You will not need to break the bank for you to achieve your off-roading goals. You can do some simple upgrades to your off-road vehicle and achieve the new look with a few simple modifications. Most of the mods can be done in a day and this means that you may not really have to plan too much for the modifications.

When you do some of these mods on your vehicle, you add some personalized style to the vehicle. You will make the vehicle look the way you want and this is definitely something that will satisfy you. Now, when talking about off-road vehicle modifications, we are referring to things such as adding LED light bars to the vehicle, buying off-road tires for the vehicle, and upgrading the shock absorbers among many other things.

Here are the top three off-road vehicle modifications that you can do to your vehicle:

Off-road lights

off-road vehicle modifications

This is probably one of the most visible mods that you can add to your off-road vehicle. With the off-road lights, you are assured that your nights on the road will be adequately illuminated. These kinds of lights are much better than the factory headlights that your car came with. The driver will have better visibility and will improve his driving experience, especially during bad weather.

You can have these lights installed at the best angles that will give you the best visibility as you drive at night. You can combine the spot and the floodlight patterns in these lights to achieve better results. The most economical lights are the halogen lights. However, LED has become affordable of late and should be a good choice for you.

Shock absorbers

Even though shock absorbers are not visible, they are very important in an off-road vehicle. This is yet another type of modification that you need to do on your off-road vehicle to get smooth ride. They help control the suspension of your off-road vehicle and especially for the 4×4 vehicles. The factory shocks that come with the vehicle may wear out before the 50-thousand-mile mark.

As such, you need to buy suitable shock absorbers that are hardy enough for the rough terrain of the off-road drive. You can find quality off-road-tuned shock absorbers so that your vehicle is safe on the rough roads.


off-road vehicle modifications

This is another aspect of the off-road vehicle mods that you should always think about. When we talk about off-road vehicles, tires should actually be the first thing that comes to your mind. The off-road tires can make a huge difference to your driving experience when you are off-road. They add to the durability and traction of the vehicle.

If you find the off-road tires much expensive, the best option you have is buying used tires. You can find these tires at online retail stores, eBay, Craigslist and the local off-road shop near you.

You can also buy retread tires that are suitable for your off-road needs. This is also a cheaper alternative to buying new off-road tires that could be too expensive. You can find all these tires online.

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