Breathe life into your Saab with these performance engine parts modifications

Saab, although not manufacturing any new automobiles anymore, is still a trusted and beloved brand. Once owned by Swedish automakers, the brand was well-loved for its ability to create innovatively-unique cars that can last a lifetime. Whether you’re a proud owner of a 1999 Saab 9-3 or a 2006 Saab 9-5, the right upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle will provide you with years and years of great driving.

If you own a Saab that is more than 10 years old or has over 100,000 miles on it, you’ve likely questioned whether it was time to trade-in and purchase a new vehicle or to continue paying for the upkeep of your existing one. While there are certainly times to upgrade vehicles, there are plenty of circumstances in which owners got rid of a car “before it’s time.” Trading in your Saab before it’s necessary is a wasted investmentIf something breaks or wears out, there are plenty of Saab parts out there – both genuine OEM and aftermarket – that aren’t very expensive, even to have shipped right to your door.

Performance Modifications

If you’re looking to spice up its kick, you can find plenty of Saab performance mod parts that’ll improve the vehicle’s power, torque and handling; saving you a ton of money over purchasing a new vehicle altogether. You can make modifications to plenty of the engine parts under the hood of your car that don’t cost a lot, and will significantly impact the performance, efficiency and lifespan of your vehicle. There are also some modifications often made to stock models in order to make them race worthy. Saab automobiles are commonly seen on the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) series, as well as on numerous road courses around the world. Here’s some more detail about a few performance parts modifications:

Cold Air Intake (CAI)

Your Saab was designed with basic- or standard-grade air intake parts and filters. As your car gets older, it’d be worth looking into a new cold air intake system. This is by far one of the least expensive ways to improve the car’s engine parts’ efficiency and power. Since the engine runs on both air and gasoline, increasing the amount of air translates to extra power. A larger cold air intake system will provide more air to the engine which boosts horsepower and fuel efficiency.

High- Flow Exhaust Parts and Headers

While your engine needs clean crisp air to perform at a higher level, it also needs an effective way to get rid of waste and grease. Your Saab’s existing muffler and catalytic converter are installed to reduce both noise and the emissions released into the air. The downside of these stock exhaust parts is they’re often responsible for increasing back pressure in the engine, which hinders its ability to remove waste from the engine effectively. Installing a bigger & better exhaust manifold will provide smooth equal-length pipe sections for the gaseous waste to exit the engine faster.

Engine Control Unit (ECU)


Your Saab has an engine control unit that’s responsible for closely monitoring the various critical engine parts and ensuring everything is running smoothly. With the help of a number of sensors, the ECU is able to adjust air-to-fuel ratio, idle speed, and ignition timing in order to ensure that engine is performing at its best. By having your ECU tuned, you essentially reconfigure the parameters to increase the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Ignition Coil

If you’re seeing misfires, one common necessary Saab part replacement is the engine ignition coil, commonly known as the DIC or Direct Ignition Cassette. This is a DIY job you can easily do yourself; it doesn’t take very long and can save you time and lots of money at a mechanic shop. Make sure to use a conductive gel to seal out dust and dirt on the contacts that will rob you of performance.

Spark Plugs

While spark plugs might seem like a small part of your Saab’s engine, they are absolutely vital. These engine parts you can feasibly and economically upgrade on your own. The spark that’s created by the plug is essentially what ignites the gasoline and air (oxygen) mixture to generate combustion, which powers the engine.

This short list of performance modifications on your Saab’s critical engine parts can do wonders in boosting driving performance and/or even just extending the lifespan of the engine. See what the above list can do for your Saab before just trading it in for what you think might be an upgrade. Lastly, it’s important to review the owner’s manual and follow it closely. That means, keep up with routine maintenance and repairs, and always invest in auto parts from a trusted retailer of genuine OEM and aftermarket Saab parts for the utmost confidence and reliability.

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