Eco friendly Orsos floating Island promises luxury living on a yacht

With the intension to combine the aspects of real estate on land with luxury yachts and to present a vassal at a reduced cost in comparison to superyachts that are exorbitantly expensive to afford, Gábor Orsós, an entrepreneur who owns a company in Australia, aims to create Orsos Floating Island. The island has been designed to present super yacht lifestyle and is estimated to cost a cool $4.6 million.

The island will be approximately 120 feet long and to provide well over 3,300 square feet of living space that will be divided into six double bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and a restaurant. Also, there is a bar, sundeck area, jacuzzi and aquarium. The floating Island has enough space for 12 people to live comfortably, apart from additional accommodation for four staff members.

What is more interesting is the fact that Orsos floating Island has eco friendly credentials, as it will be equipped with autonomous power supply based energy system that will get vital juice from a noiseless wind energy system and 120 m2 of solar panels. For heating and air conditioning, heat recovered from seawater will be used.

Even more interesting is that buyers can tailor and design its interiors as per their likings or needs. Island’s main deck flaunts a spacious living room, regulated lighting and air supply. It also offers storage for water sports, driving equipments, mooring for motor boats and a hatch for loading and unloading purposes. Eco friendly Orsos floating Island is in prototype stage at this moment of time, and the manufacture is aiming to make it real by the end of 2013.

Via:  Daily News

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