Stair Rover lets you skateboard in style on stairs

Skateboards are real fun and an extreme sport in the urban areas involving kids and youngsters. However, one of the major afflictions that the rider faces is the stairs that leave no other option but to carry your skateboard. In order to solve this problem, Po-Chih Lai, London-based product designer, has come up with one-off-a-kind skateboard that allows the boarders to ride it on the stairs even.

Christened as the ‘Stair Rover or stairboard’, the skateboard is aimed at exploring the capabilities of extreme sports to a next level – something that has never been witnessed before. The current board is the seventh version from the manufacture and has eight wheels in a total that are divided in two blocks having four wheels at either end that pivot to follow the contours of the stairs.

The Stair Rover has been designed to give users a new experience altogether. The flexible skateboard is made of maple and bamboo and the truck beholding four rubber wheels at each end are made of aluminum, thus enabling the boarder to skate easily and in style on the stairs.

Currently on display in London at the Royal College of Art’s Show RCA 2012, Po-Chih Lai, the creator of the Stair Rover, hopes to make it commercially available in the near future.

Source: Po-Chih Lai Via: Dezeen


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