Evaluating the Physical, Emotional, and Financial Impact of an Accident

Impact of an Accident

You learn pretty early on in life that accidents happen. People slip and fall, things break, cars collide, and property is damaged all the time. However, what many don’t find out until they’ve actually been involved in one is that accidents can impact your life forever. This is only exacerbated when you sustain injuries. The physical, emotional, and financial impact can wreak havoc on your life causing a plethora of issues.

Though not a complete relief, many decide to file a claim or lawsuit to get financial compensation. They secure legal help to find out what their rights are as victims in an accident and what they can do to seek resolve. While it can be hard to a price tag on the negative impact it’s had on your life, it can help you move on. If you’d like to find out more about your specific case, it is best to hire a personal injury attorney where you were injured. For instance, if you were rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on the Long Island Expressway, you’d want Suffolk County personal injury lawyers to take your case. They are the most knowledgeable about complex personal injury laws in New York and are best equipped to help you file a claim and/or a lawsuit. Here’s a look at what they may be able to help you get compensated for:

Medical care

Any medical treatment you received as a result of the accident could be reimbursed. This includes medical bills you’ve already paid for as well as future treatments.


For some individuals, the injuries they’ve sustained are so severe that they have to take time off from work (or may not be able to return to work in that capacity due to a disability). The wages you’ve lost as a result of the accident, as well as income that you could have earned, had you not been in an accident can be estimated and awarded to you.

Property loss

Any damage to your car or motorcycle, clothes, and other belongings in the accident can be estimated and awarded to you in a personal injury case. You’ll need to get estimates on repairs and/or a list of fair market value for lost or damaged property.

Pain and suffering


There’s no doubt that the accident caused you a great deal of pain. Though it can be hard to put a dollar amount on your pain and discomfort, you can get paid for this in a lawsuit. This is a dollar amount for the pain and discomfort you experienced immediately following the accident as well as any pain or discomfort you may feel in the future.

Emotional distress

Accidents are traumatic experiences. If it was severe enough, it could evoke emotions of fear, anxiety, and depression which last for years or decades. Pain and suffering are awarded for any psychological damage you may be suffering.

Loss of enjoyment 

Your injuries can keep you from enjoying life (whether temporary or permanently). When you’re unable to enjoy life and have to miss out on things you once enjoyed, you can be compensated for it.

Loss of consortium

Accidents impact an entire family. If you’re injured, and those injuries prevent you from being able to have a sexual relationship with your spouse or caused strain on your relationship, this can be grounds for compensation. The same for children. If you’re unable to participate in your children’s lives as a result of the accident, you and/or your children can receive compensation for this.

Punitive damages

If the negligent party did maliciously or deliberately cause the accident to occur you could be awarded punitive damages for their negative actions.

Based on the above potential areas of compensation, you can get a clear picture of just how much an accident can impact your life. If you’ve experienced any of the following or would like to be considered for any of these damages, it will be imperative for you to keep good notes, and work with an attorney who can help you in negotiating a settlement with insurance companies or fighting your case in court. Though this award is only a start, it goes a long way to making you feel whole once again.

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