How to Properly Store a Firearm in Your Vehicle

How to Properly Store a Firearm in Your Vehicle

Traveling with a firearm in your car requires much more care and attention than if you decided to leave it at home. Due to strict laws and regulations, there are certain ways you must store the gun in the vehicle and precautions to take. Not only do you want to obey the law, but you also need to keep yourself, your passengers, and other people around your vehicle safe at all times.

Whether you’re going to a gun range, shooting lesson, or on a hunting trip with Outdoor Solutions, it’s crucial to store your gun properly.

1.   Keep It Hidden

Whenever you are traveling with a firearm, you always want to conceal it well. Never have it laying out on the passenger or back seat in the open. Not only can this tempt criminals to break into your car and steal it, but it could fall from the seat in a tight turn or fast stop and go off accidentally.

Consider investing in a gun vault specifically for your car. You can keep it in your glove compartment or in the trunk. These secure vaults have special locks that make it difficult for people to steal.

2.   Don’t Leave Your Car for Too Long

When traveling with a firearm in the car, you want to avoid leaving it alone for too long. The longer you are away from your car containing a firearm, the more time criminals have to spot your car and decide to break in and steal your gun.

3.   Always Store it With the Safety On

Whenever your gun is not in use, you must have the safety on to keep it from going off accidentally. Better yet, it’s a good idea to unload your gun when storing it in your vehicle or anywhere else in your home. This better ensures the safety of you and your loved ones.

4.   Refer to Your Local Laws

Every state has different laws concerning gun ownership and how you can carry it with you. Inform yourself of your local state laws to see what they require when you plan to travel with your firearm in your car. Some states are more restrictive than others.

If you plan to cross state lines in your vehicle while carrying a firearm, make sure to read about the laws in your neighboring states as well. You don’t want to get caught with a hefty fine if you break the law.

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