How to Use Your Spare Car to Make Money

How to Use Your Spare Car to Make Money

No job? No problem. As long as you have a spare car with you, you can still earn a decent amount of money. All you need to do is to choose one from many different ways mentioned here. All you need to do is check out what’s available in your region, what you are eligible for and comfortable with. Let us see what these options are here.

5 Ways You Can Use Your Spare Car to Make Money

1. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver


This is one of the things that just about anyone who has a car can think about on top of their head. When you have a car and time to spare, might as well make use of both. Just link up to an app-based cab service. As of now, Uber and Lyft seem to be the most obvious choices, but if you feel creative you can even choose from a range of local options.

 2. Sign Up For a Food Delivery Service

If your car is a piece of junk, you should simply opt for a firm trading cash for junk cars. If, however, it still has even a little bit of life left in it, you can use it for app-based food delivery services. They don’t require your car to be in the most presentable condition. All they need is for both the car and the driver to be efficient enough to reach the desired location on time. Once again, you could either work for a busy restaurant in particular, or simply for Food Delivery apps like UberEATS and DoorDash.

3. Become an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

As an app-based cab, you need to be very careful about the presentation of the car and the amount of time it takes you to drive to your destination. But being an Amazon Flex Driver, at least you don’t have to worry about the first.

In order to make their packages reach the customers as fast as possible, Amazon under its Amazon Flex employs regular human beings as their delivery partners. Just sign up for the app, set your available hours, and you are all set for some delivery work.

4. Rent Your Car

woman availing rental car service

If you have a car on your hands that you don’t need at present, why not simply rent it out? Although this option does have a certain amount of risk associated with it, it’s worth it, especially when your car is an old one. Just approach any nearby car rental agency and find out what they are willing to offer you along with the risk. If everything works out, you can earn from your car even without driving it yourself.

5. Register with a Grocery Store

With the home delivery service being the norm, being a licensed driver, you can also find yourself some easy work by registering for your nearby grocery shops. Or, depending upon where you live, you can also work for apps that deliver groceries. Apps like Shipt and Instacart are popular in this segment.

Final Words

For people who like to have their freedom, or who work for seasonal jobs, there’s nothing better than using their car to earn a living. The five options mentioned here are amongst the most readily available ones. In addition, if you have connections, you could use your car for anything from shuttling kids around to hauling furniture. The options are plenty. It all depends upon what you are comfortable with.

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