14 best gifts for truck drivers

best gifts for truck drivers

You definitely want to make the trucker in your life feel special. Whether he’s your husband, boyfriend or dad, you can give him a gift which makes him feel appreciated for working so hard. You probably have been giving him gifts on every holiday, buy giving him a gift for no reason at all would be a welcome surprise. It could be something practical and useful, or something fun – check out our picks for gifts for truck drivers:

14 best gifts for truck drivers

GPS manufactured specifically for truck drivers


A GPS makes a great gift for people who drive long distances and sometimes has to venture into unfamiliar areas. It’s one of the best practical gifts for truck drivers who drive commercially. Smartphones usually have GPS, but they lack detailed maps which truck drivers require. Your gift of a GPS system could change the life of your trucker husband or dad. They would be able to reach location easily and save time usually spent hunting for the exact address.

Flatbed Tarp Kit

Flatbed tarp kit can be a great gift for anyone who wants to get into the flatbed hauling industry, especially to haul lumber or steel. It includes everything truck haulers need to get started with hauling like specialized high-quality flatbed truck tarps, bungee straps, corner protectors, ratchet straps, winch straps, winch bar, coil racks and g70 chains with grab hooks. At mytee products you would get the best quality flatbed tarp kits with affordable prices.

Shower caddy

Shower caddy too would be an excellent gifts for truck drivers. It isn’t a glamorous gift, but it certainly is one of the most practical gifts for truck drivers. They have to spend many days travelling, and it’s tough to take showers and keep clean. If you give a soft sided shower caddy, it will fit into the truck’s small space. Fill the caddy with body wash, soap, wash clothes, and fast drying towels.

Electric blanket

Electric blanket

Keep your trucker cozy and warm with an electric blanket. The blanket would be great for the freezing winter months. One of the best gifts for truck drivers is the electric blanket, which is battery operated rather than use the battery of the truck. It would be especially useful when he sleeps in the truck in winter. Make it one of the most personalized truck driver gifts by labeling his name on the blanket.

YubiKey NEO

This key chain is the ultimate keychain. It requires two stage identification/authentication,which makes it very difficult to hack. They can store music and even the account details, etc.This will stay with the trucker wherever he goes. This is personalized truck driver gifts, as you can put a tiny sticker of his name’s initial on it.

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset

It’s neither safe nor legal to talk on the phone while driving. But sometimes, you just have to pick up your phone, and so does your trucker friend. A Bluetooth device which can be connected to their phone will allow them to pick calls without breaking any laws. So, no excuse for not picking your call either. Don’t keep calling him all the time though! A Bluetooth headset is absolutely one of the best gifts for truck drivers.

Seat cushion

It quite tough to sit in the hard seat of the truck for long period of time, and there is no way out for truckers. One of the most useful gifts for truck drivers can be a seat cushion which will help them to sit comfortably. Massage chairs can be a great gift too.

Tires’ pressure monitor

Tires’ pressure monitor

Knowing the pressure of the tires is very important for truckers, for safety as well for conserving fuel. Giving a tire pressure monitor is not a very funny or romantic gift, but it is one of the best gifts for truck drivers.

Sheet set

Give your beloved trucker dad some comfy sheets on which he can sleep on at night. Go a step further and gift a cozy sleeping bag too. This is one of the best gifts for truck drivers you can gift.

Yeti tumbler

Yeti tumbler

The Yeti tumbler is vacuum insulated, which keeps truckers’ favorite beverage cold or hot. Its lid is shatter proof which prevents spills. It is about 8 inches high with 4 inch diameter, and fits well into a standard holder. As gifts for truck drivers go, this one would be well-appreciated.

XM Radio

Driving for long hours can be dreary and boring. One of the gifts for truck driving dads is XM Radio or satellite radio.  Buy your dad a subscription for 6 months (cost 30$) so that he can be entertained wherever he goes. This is one of the best gifts for truck drivers – dads or not!

Apple watch series 3

Apple watch series 3

Pamper your favorite trucker with one of the most fantastic gifts for truck drivers.This watch has inbuilt LTE connectivity, which makes it a great hands-free calling gadget.

Tuneln Pro

The Tuneln Pro is similar to the satellite radio gift.  It features music, sports coverage, news, and 60,000 audiobooks from which the user can choose. Premium subscription is for $10 a month, via which they can enjoy 5 million podcasts. Does he want to learn a language?  Now, he can do this while driving, as Tuneln Pro has about 16 language he can learn from.

Portable refrigerator

Having a mini fridge in the truck will help him to eat healthy, and he can carry home cooked meals along with him. There are mini refrigerators which require only 12 volts and can be used with the truck’s adapter meant for other things.

These gifts for the trucker you love will make his life easier, comfortable, and convenient. Giving him a gift will make him feel special and happy.

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