What is the Best Radar Detector?

Best Radar Detector

 You should always obey traffic laws, and we’re certainly not advocating doing illegal things, but having a radar detector can protect you from speed traps or a brief moment of inattention, especially if the speed limit isn’t clearly marked or you’re in an unfamiliar area.

So, what’s the best radar detector on the market today? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. There’s the all-out best in terms of features and performance, there are some great mid-range detectors, there are a few really attractive devices, and some that won’t cost a fortune.

The Best All Around Radar Detector

best performance Radar Detector

If you want to spring for all the features and the absolute best performance, it doesn’t get much better than the Escort Max 360c. It costs the most, but it’s also the most feature rich option for people who want powerful protection.

The Max 360c has every feature available on radar detectors to date including directional arrows that point to the threat, smartphone compatibility, and dual antennas. You’ll be protected and connected to users in your community for enhanced notifications.

The powerful microchip will automatically recognize and prioritize the most common radar bands so that you don’t get spooked by false signals. The GPS also has an AutoLearn feature that will log false alerts and ignore them next time, making your commute even more enjoyable.

It’s safe to say that this radar detector also falls into the category of most attractive, although none of the Escort models are unattractive. The Max 360 is sleek and easy to use, so it fits in with any vehicle interior seamlessly.

The Best Mid-Range Radar Detector

The Escort RedLine EX is the ultimate mid-range detector, packed with features at a more affordable price. With a dual antenna design you get all-around protection, and the TotalShield Technology allows you to go completely undetected for maximum stealth.

AutoLearn Technology uses GPS, IVT filter, and AutoSensitivity to get rid of false signals and learn your route. It can also vary sensitivity by detecting your vehicle’s speed.

With access to the Defender Database and ESCORT Live, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information and a community of drivers to assist you wherever you go.

The Most Affordable Radar Detector

affordable Radar Detector

The Escort X80 comes in at a slightly lower price point than the others, but still features some great protective technology. You’ll get long-range protection and early alerts. It protects against all of the most popular radar bands used and the display is easy to read so you know exactly how much you should slow down.

While it doesn’t come with the ability to connect to Escort Live, you can still connect it to your phone for enhanced protection and it does connect to Wi-Fi for regular updates from Escort so you always get the latest technology and the best protection.

Other models you might want to look into are the new Escort Max 360c and the Escort iXc. They come at slightly higher price points but feature a few updates that the Max 360 and the iXc don’t have.

You may also enjoy other Escort models that have a great mix of features to suit your unique needs. Escort has the best radar detectors on the market for the best driving experience and all driving styles. 

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