Understanding the best options for towing a car across country

best options for towing a car across country

It’s always a hassle for people moving across the country to safely get their cars towed. It would be more convenient to effortlessly ship your car by a secure means rather than going for a long cross-country drive. Such means will save you a lot of money and time, especially that you will spend on hotels on your way. What could be the best option for shipping your vehicle? A car towing service. Let us look at some of the best options for towing

It’s, without a doubt, the easiest, most convenient, and the cheapest way to transfer your car across the country.  We spoke to a Pleasanton towing company to see what are the best methods of towing so you can find out which one suits your car.

Best options for towing

  1. Flatbed Car Towing

Flatbed Car Towing

Flatbed trailers are the most popular ones in the towing department. These come with four wheels attached at the center of the trailer. It provides balance in the best way to the car placed above. It’s easy to load; you just need to drive the car up till the ramps of the trailer and attach it, then it is good to go.

The only disadvantage you can have is these are slightly heavier. But it inevitably cuts back on the money that you’d rather be spending on other towing methods.

It would help if you bought the hitch for the tow vehicle, no extra part is required. Also, it doesn’t let any wear and tear touch the car as it is totally off the ground. The powertrain (engine to wheel energy) of the car doesn’t need any individual adjustments with flatbed trailers.

  1. Two-Wheel Car Towing

This type of car towing is quite popular on the street. You might have seen vehicles towed like this. The two front wheels of the vehicle are off the ground during the whole process. It is a two-wheel trailer having slots and ramps.

The trailer hitch of the lead vehicle attaches to the front tire slots of your car. If you rent towing dollies, you can tow two cars from one point to another.

However, the biggest disadvantage of this process is that the two rear wheels will constantly be touching the ground. As a result, it is prone to get damaged by a lot of friction. Later on, when you will drive the car, you can experience the poor running of the rear wheels.

If you are doing over a short distance, it will not cause a big problem. But if you aim at traveling for a long period, it might cause an issue in the performance.

  1. Flat Tow

Flat Tow

This method is quite interesting as all the four wheels of your car will be touching the ground while towing.

It has a tool and a tow bar that is advantageous over other methods. Tow bars are affordable and easy to purchase compared to a flatbed or dolly. These are lightweight and effortless to connect or disconnect.

However, you may have to make some upfront purchases for these four-wheel down towing. You need to install the tow bar, and then you can get on with the towing process.

Three popular towbars are:

  • Self-aligning
  • Self-aligning coach mounted receiver
  • Rigid frame tow bar

It is recommended to have a good talk with the retailer before you purchase any of these.


To sum up, all three methods of towing have some pros and cons. A lot of factors should be considered when you want to tow your car. There is no perfect towing procedure made for all-purpose vehicles.

You will need to determine your vehicle’s condition, the distance to be traveled, and your budget to identify the best towing method for your car.

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