Who is Liable for a Los Angeles MTA Bus Accident?

Los Angeles MTA Bus Accident

Los Angeles MTA is the second-largest bus fleet in USA and around 2000 buses ride throughout the city every day. Even though LA’s MTA bus system is renowned to be one of the most comprehensive metro systems in the country, there is a possibility that the buses can be involved in accidents causing injuries to the passengers. Some of the common causes of LA MTA bus accident include driver negligence, inadequate training, and driver’s inattention at the time of service, improper maintenance, outdated equipment, or dangerous roadways. If you have fallen victim to an MTA bus accident,it is very important that you understand you may be eligible to hold accountable the offending bus company for your injuries and recover compensation for your losses.

What is the difference between LA MTA bus accidents and other vehicle collisions?

Los Angeles MTA governed by special laws

Los Angeles MTA is a government entity which means that they are governed by special laws and you will have to complete special requirements and procedures to claim for injuries.

  • You are required to submit a Metro Claim Form within 6 months from the date of the accident claiming for losses and injuries. Failure to file the form within the 6-month deadline, or submission of an incomplete form can result in dismissal of your claim.
  • There can be multiple parties responsible for negligence such as the bus driver, other vehicles involved in the accident, manufacturer of the bus, the company in charge of maintaining the bus, local government bodies in charge of road maintenance. You will have to analyze the facts of your case to identify the party that is liable for the bus accident and promptly file a claim against those parties.

Is the LA MTA liable for bus accident injuries?

One of the first challenges arising immediately after an MTA bus accident is to determine who is responsible for the accident. This responsibility can lay within the LA County MTA, bus drivers, 3rd parties such as manufacturers, operators, and state, federal, or local government bodies. California negligence law allows a victim to recover damages for negligence from multiple parties based on their relative fault for causing the accident. Based on this standard, a victim’s own negligence can reduce the compensation that can be recovered.

Should you accept MTA bus accident settlements offered by insurance companies?

MTA bus accident settlements offered by insurance companies

Insurance companies handling MTA bus accident claims often contact victims early on in the process to offer settlements, which do not reimburse the complete losses and damages incurred by the victim. A victim is eligible to recover damages for property losses, initial and future medical costs, loss of wages, expenses associated with therapy as well as extended pain and suffering.

If you accept insurer’s initial settlement offer, you possibly forfeit any future opportunities to recover the full compensation for all the injuries and damages you have suffered. Moreover, the insurance company will require you to sign a release form that waives any further claims. Additionally, anything you state to an insurance company can be used against you to determine your contribution to your injuries.

This makes it essential to obtain an experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyer who can help you pursue your claims by dealing directly with the insurance company on your behalf. Fighting against public entities such as LA County MTA who employ a huge army of expert attorneys, investigators and other professionals can be a daunting challenge. Claiming compensation for an MTA bus accident that involves several liable parties can further extend the challenge and likely prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. If you have been involved in a Los Angeles Metro Bus Accident or lost a loved one make sure to hire a skilled lawyer and file your claim immediately. 

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