4 Telling Signs You Should Take a Mental Health Day

4 Telling Signs You Should Take a Mental Health Day

Our mental health is just, if not, more important than our physical health. It’s incredibly important that you take care of what’s going on inside of you before it takes over your life in a negative way. It’s common to experience anxiety or stress from time to time, but if you’re feeling on edge more often than not, it could indicate you need some time away from work.

Take a few minutes from learning about cars or REI BlackBook, and let’s look at 4 telling signs you should take a mental health day.

What is a Mental Health Day?

A mental health day is a time away from work where you focus on your thoughts and emotions. It’s different from a regular day off or vacation in that it’s designed to treat any mental health issues you’ve been neglecting because of work. We’ll offer some signs that it might be a good idea to take a mental health day, but if you still feel unwell after taking the time off, it would be a good idea to seek guidance and help from a mental health professional.

1. Feeling Burnt Out

One of the first signs that you should take a mental health day is if you’re feeling burnt out. While it’s normal to experience some moments of fatigue throughout the workday, if you’ve felt this way for weeks, it’s usually your body and mind indicating that you need to take a rest. When you feel burnt out at work, you’re much less likely to be productive and efficient which is why a mental health day is necessary to produce the best work quality you can while also taking care of yourself.

2. Lack of Energy

Are you feeling sluggish more often than you used to while you’re working away at the office? Sometimes a lack of energy could be the result of poor sleep or other external factors, but many times it’s because you haven’t given yourself a day to yourself. You shouldn’t be constantly feeling tired at work, and if you are, it might be a sign a mental health day is in order.

3. Decrease in Motivation

If you’re lacking motivation when it comes to work, this is a telling sign you need some time and space to connect back with yourself. A decrease in motivation could be the result of you losing sight of your life and only focusing on work. In turn, this could lead to you resenting your time spent at the office instead of taking care of yourself. A mental health day can help you to get back on track by prioritizing your needs above all else. 

4. Constantly on Edge

Should you find yourself more irritable or anxious at work, it’s probably a good idea to take a day or two off. Mental health is incredibly important, and if you’ve been spending more of your time working on office reports than yourself, it’s time to clock out for a while. Feeling constantly on edge when it comes to work is something that nobody should have to experience. If you do, then a mental health day is certainly in order to get you feeling your best and back on track.

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