5 things you must know before owning a green car

Electric cars seem to be the need of the hour with increasing fuel costs and shrinking oil reserves. The governments across the globe are offering incentives to go green and automobile companies are pushing forward such cars as they are going to be the mode of transport in the future. As electric cars become more affordable, more and more people are embracing them. In case you too are looking for a new one, we list out five things you need to know about electric cars.

Electric car

Do you want to go all electric?

There are electric cars and there are hybrids. While all-electric cars rely solely on their electricity powered batteries, hybrids can run on fuel as well as electricity. The all-electric ones are usually miniature in size and don’t offer high range, but you do not need to stop by a gas station station every now and then. They are usually preferred for daily commutes to office or nearby grocery store.

How is it charged?

Does you electric car get charged using traditional household outlet or a special equipment made for electric cars? Charging you electric car using traditional outlets in time consuming, while installing the equipment costs you extra dollars. One hour of charge using special equipment takes 20-30 miles further, while you may need to charge your vehicle overnight to get the same range using traditional outlet.

Going green means incentives

Governments across US and Europe are offering a number of incentives for buying electric or hybrid vehicles that meet the standards of fuel efficiency. This includes tax credit up to $5000, which brings down the overall cost of your new electric vehicle. Since, this rebate is available for limited time only we would rather motivate you to make most out of this offer.

Public charging stations will increase

You may not see ample public charging stations even now; however, with more number of people embracing electric vehicles, their numbers are bound to go high in future. This is crucial to make electric cars more practical as people cannot expect the luxury of their home to charge their cars every time. Don’t be surprised if you find a public charging station right at your office parking space in few years’ time.

Electric cars have lower operating costs in long term

The initial price tag of an all-electric car may scare you but electric cars need less maintenance costs as their set-up is simple and they do not need complicated engines to run. Also running your car on electricity is much cheaper than running it on gas.

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