8 – Things you must do after a car accident

car accident

Whether it’s just artificial damage to vehicles, or it’s something more serious such as personal injury, when you’re involved in a car accident it feels like the entire worlds comes to a standstill. But do you know what to do if you’ve been in an accident? A shocking number of people don’t!

Not only is it important to take the right steps after a car accident to preserve your own safety and the safety of others, but if the accident wasn’t your fault and you hope to pursue a legal claim then taking the right steps can help make you case stronger. As well as dash cam footage, traffic cameras and eye witness testimonies, doing the right thing after a car accident is more likely to get you the result you want.

So, with this in mind here we’ll go through the steps you should take if you’re in a car accident.

1. Stop

car accident

If your vehicle is still moving and you’re in control, then you must stop. This is the law. Plain and simple. You might be in a little bit of shock, so take a breath slow the vehicle down, put on your hazard lights showing that you’ve acknowledged what has happened and that you intend to stop. Pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and try to make sure you vehicle is not obstructing the flow of traffic.

2. Check for injuries

Are you hurt? Are your passengers hurt? If anyone needs medical assistance then call 911 immediately. If you can’t then ask someone else to do it for you. If everyone is safe and able to move then get everyone out of the vehicle and onto the sidewalk/grass verge/behind the safety barrier.

3. Call the police

Report the accident

You need to let the police know that there has been a collision. This is also a requirement of the law. When you speak to your insurance company later, then they’ll probably request a copy of the police report.

4. Let them know what happened.

When you speak to the police, it’s important to stay calm. Tell them what happened. If you’re unsure or you can’t remember then don’t make it up or speculate at what mistakes the other driver might have made. Make sure that anyone else involved in the incident – including witnesses, speak to the police too.

5. Take photographs

car accident

Take photographs of the scene. Photograph the damage on both vehicles, so no one can claim absurd accounts. If you have any injuries then you should also photograph them. However, do not get in the way of the police investigation.

6. Swap information

When speaking to the other party, you need to remain calm. Obtain information such as name, address, insurance details and contact information. If there are any witnesses then it’s a good idea to get their information too, should your attorney need more information.

7. Go to hospital

Go to hospital

Seek medical treatment even if your injuries haven’t yet manifested. You’ll be able to obtain a medical report and any subsequent treatments needed from your healthcare provider.

8. Speak to your attorney

Your attorney will ensure that all evidence is looked after and they will protect your rights.

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